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Urban Gardening: 25 Unique Small Space Garden Ideas for Growing Vegetables Easily. Great Tips on How to Become a Successful Urban Gardener

Urban Gardening: 25 Unique Small Space Garden Ideas for Growing Vegetables Easily. Great Tips on How to Become a Successful Urban Gardener

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Urban Gardening: 25 Unique Small Space Garden Ideas for Growing Vegetables Easily. Great Tips on How to Become a Successful Urban Gardener

68 pages
44 minutes
Jun 7, 2017


Ever wonder what it takes to create a self-sustaining, successful urban garden?

With all of the articles and digests covering this fascinating topic, it’s easy to get lost in the mess. With Urban Gardening, you can flip through an organized guide of tips and ideas to help make your urban garden the flourishing, thriving system it has the potential to be.

With a little research and determination, you don’t need a green thumb to have a successful urban garden. Simple steps can help you achieve your goal of having your very own, productive vegetable garden in an inexpensive way. Let your creativity take hold and make the garden you’ve always imagined a reality. As an extension of your mind, your garden can take on any meaning that you want it to, producing vegetables of your choosing in the most productive way possible.

By simply following the tips in this book, you’ll be amazed at how fast your urban garden will grow and become a productive—not to mention enjoyable—part of your life. You’ll also be able to share your knowledge with your gardening friends and make for an impressive conversationalist as you share the secrets of your success with others.

In this book, you will learn more about aspects of urban gardening that you may have never thought about before, including:

- Space management and setup

- DIY planters and other aspects

- Protection of plants against urban elements

- Maintenance and upkeep of your garden

- ndoor gardening ideas and techniques

- Tips and tricks for success

Jun 7, 2017

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Urban Gardening - Alice Simon



You don’t have to get down on the farm to have a successful garden. In fact, you don’t even have to own a patch of lush, workable land. The practice of urban gardening and agriculture has been around for decades—heck, even ancient Egyptians adopted a form of the practice—and now, more than ever, successful urban gardeners are sharing their secrets with the world.

With the dawn of the information age, urban gardening has become more than just a necessity as it once was; it has become a hobby, a way to get fresh food, and a source of natural beauty in the midst of an urban jungle. With the growth of populations in cities and the ever-expanding domain of buildings and concrete, now more than ever do we look to our natural world to provide us with the things we need—both aesthetically and physically.

Starting a small-scale garden isn’t too hard; all you really need is a little bit of soil and a pot or three. But how can you customize your urban garden to fit your needs? How can you maintain your plants and still get the most out of them when harvest time rolls around? How can you make sure your hard-earned cash is being spent on things you need to make your urban garden a success?

In this book, you’ll find 25 tips to become a better urban gardener, along with some unique ideas and tricks to keep your small space garden growing healthy and strong. You’ll find ideas that you might not have thought about before, and maybe even something that you’ll apply to your own garden to make it the best it can be.

If you’re only looking into starting a garden, you’ll find some helpful information in this guide about where to start, how to set up your initial planting scheme, and more. If you’ve already got a garden and are looking for even more successful yield, you’ll find information about lighting, protection, and even some lesser known tricks to help you keep your plants thriving.

Let’s dive into the world of urban gardening together and see what we can find to make you the urban gardener you’ve always wanted to be.

Chapter 1 – Setting Up and Saving Space

The beginning is always a good place to start: setting up your space and getting the ball rolling (and plants growing!) in your garden. Perhaps the most critical step in urban gardening is analysis of space and accommodation to that assessment. Without proper positioning and area management, you could be sentencing your plants to death.

In this chapter, we’ll take a look at space management and how to set up your garden to maximize production.

Idea #1: Space management

It might seem like common sense, but the first thing you need to do is analyze the space you’ll be working in. Do you live in an apartment, or do you have a condo or other small, workable space? Do you have an open balcony that has access to a lot of sunlight? If you are planning on keeping your garden indoors, do you have windows that let in a sufficient amount of light and heat throughout the day? Asking yourself all these questions is essential to determining how best to set up your garden.

Once you’ve analyzed your space, it is time to determine the setup. In most urban gardens, ground square footage is low—in other words, you aren’t going to be working in a place with a lot of ground space. That doesn’t mean you have to limit how many planters you have; stacking pots and planters works equally as well.

Consider using a consistent design throughout,

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