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The Handy-Dandy Home Repair Guide: Common Household Problems You Can Fix Yourself

The Handy-Dandy Home Repair Guide: Common Household Problems You Can Fix Yourself

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The Handy-Dandy Home Repair Guide: Common Household Problems You Can Fix Yourself

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Jun 20, 2017


Give Your Handyman the Axe

Home repairs can be a very frustrating experience, especially when you are unfamiliar with the repairs needed to be done asap. These repairs can lead to expensive costs - if you can get a contractor to call you back and if they show up on time. And those are big "ifs"!

Don’t you wish you could just take the repairs into your own hands and forget the hassle of trying to get a repairman to come and fix them? Now you can!

With little to no knowledge of home repair, you can fix some of the most common problems that occur in a house with this handy guide. These fixes are not band-aid type fixes but are real repairs that are meant to last.

Simply with a few small commitments - such as the time to do quality work and a small toolbox - you can become your own personal handyman (or handywoman).

In this guide, you’ll learn common fixes for plumbing issues such as:
- Clogged drains
- Leaky faucets
- Broken toilet levers
- Stained bathtubs
- And more!

You can also tackle electrical nightmares without electrocuting yourself such as:
- Blown fuses
- Broken light switches
- Bad outlets
- Stuck light bulbs
- And more!

Structural annoyances are fixed in a snap with tips on how to fix:
- Squeaky hinges and floorboards
- Stuck windows
- Holes in drywall
- Weathered decking
- And more!

You can even learn how to fix certain appliances such as:
- Washers
- Dryers
- Refrigerators
- Toasters
- And more!

These easy fixes will solve some of the most common household issues encountered by homeowners. Never feel the frustration of waiting for a repairman who never comes or gets things done properly and punctually.

Take control of your household with “The Handy-Dandy Home Repair Guide” and never get stuck with an expensive repair bill again!

Jun 20, 2017

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The Handy-Dandy Home Repair Guide - Instafo





- Clogged Sink

- Leaky Faucet

- Hard Water Buildup

- Clogged Disposal

- Broken Toilet Lever

- Clogged Toilet Drain

- Broken Pipe

- Stained Tub


- Blown Fuse

- Broken Light Switch

- Stuck Light Bulb

- Faulty Outlet

- Blown Air Conditioner Fuse

- Water Heater


- Stove

- Furnace


- Squeaky Door Hinge

- Squeaky Floorboards

- Peeling Wallpaper

- Stuck-Sliding Window

- Scuffed Linoleum

- Hole in Drywall

- Old or Damaged Roofing

- Weathered Deck (Fading or Damaged Stain and Finish)

- Cabinet Damage


- Refrigerator

- Washer

- Dryer

- Toaster



Has your honey-do list reached epic proportions? Perhaps you’ve got a leaky sink, a squeaky floorboard, or damaged roof shingles. Even worse, maybe you have a severely clogged toilet reeking havoc on your olfactory senses.

Before you pick up that phone and call a handyman who will clear out both your toilet...AND your wallet, consider taking care of these issues yourself. Yes, really!

Even if you consider yourself totally incompetent at home repair, rest assured that many common household issues have very simple solutions that can be handled by just about anyone. We will show you how to get started.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common household troubles you are likely to encounter. Whatever is currently stressing you out in your home life, you are bound to find it on this list. We’ll go over what to look for to identify common household issues, how to effectively repair them, as well as maintenance tips to keep your house in tip-top shape. Does that sound good?

To clarify, simple patch ups are NOT what we want. While we all want to keep repairs as quick and simple as possible, these methods are also meant to be effective. Cutting corners on home repairs will only result in extra hassle and cost due to additional repairs. Additionally, rushing projects could result in serious injuries.

So, let’s keep all your limbs intact and do these home repairs right the first time around! The motto to keep in mind is to always focus on quality over speed. Sometimes that will mean spending more time or money on a repair than you might want. Just keep your eyes on the prize and commit yourself to quality work.

Our goal is to empower you to reconsider your capabilities. Remember that YOU are the strongest tool in your toolbox. By using this as a guide to help you, you really can do it all on your own. Just imagine how great it will feel to complete a job well done. Bravo, give yourself a huge pat on the back!

We recommend you refer to the Quick-Fix List to find your particular issue and then skip to the part that has your solution. Each solution has a specific description of the problem, a list of tools you'll need, the steps to take to fix the problem, and how to prevent the problem from recurring.

The different common home issues have been categorized into five categories which we will be covering: plumbing, electrical, gas, structural, and appliances.


While we’re on the topic of tools, let’s discuss the necessary tools you will need to have on hand to resolve most household issues:

- A curved-claw hammer

- Flathead and Phillips-head screwdrivers

- A tape measure (at least 25’)

- A level

- A utility knife

- A putty knife


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  • (5/5)

    This book does a great job of guiding you through basic home repair. It breaks each challenge into step-by-step directions walking you through the diagnosis of the problem and the solution. Each challenge comes with a list of tools you will need plus there is a great home repair toolkit listed for you to reference.

    I particularly liked how the author kept it simple. You do not need years of experience to understand what needs to be done. The techno babble has been removed and simple steps provided. Another bonus is the author tells you when to stop and call in a professional if needed.

    Over all I am very satisfied with the book and see it being useful to me in the near future.