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Islamic Strategy: How to Participate in the Development of the Muslim Nation

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This book is an attempt to propose a strategy for the Muslim nation based on both internal analysis of the Muslim nation and the environmental analysis. The intention is to achieve the Islamic strategic objectives, protect our Muslim nation from surrounding risks and eliminate its weaknesses and ignominy.

The recommended candidates to implement this strategy are all the individuals within the Muslim nation who are found in its different classes, positions and social statues, with their different sects and tendencies, as well as the other elements of the Muslim nation, who make up its institutions. These are scholars and administrators of religious endowments. The core idea of this strategy is that when the simple, small efforts and contributions of the Muslim nation are implemented towards spreading the Islamic message, they fall in line with each other, and become able to accomplish the impossible. Even if a percentage less than 1% participated, the goals of the Muslim nation, would form an unstoppable power.

What other said about the book:

“I have read the content of this book and I realized the extent of effort exerted in its preparation. Undoubtedly, it contributes to the enrichment of the discussion about the best alternatives and policies to be followed by Islamic Countries to achieve its strategic objectives and vital resources.”
H.E. Dr Jamal Sanad Al Suwaidi
Director General, Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), UAE

"The book comprehensively describe the current position of the Islamic nation in terms of strengths and weaknesses and the future called for by the strategy to achieve the highest goals for the benefit of all mankind."
Ambassador Dr. Musa Jaafar Hassan, President of the 33rd session of the General Conference, UNESCO

"This book, unique in the way it presents the Islamic Strategy, aims to illustrate the way for the Islamic Nation to rise with the Islamic thought at times of globalization. We appreciate your efforts in this precious project for the good of the Islamic civilization. "
His Excellency Hamid Mohammed al Qatami
Ex-minister of Education, UAE

“An engrossing and thoroughly objective piece of work which seeks to transcend the reasoning behind the current difficulties and the options open for strategic development concerning Islamic Nations with regard to a global context. Viewpoints are discussed in a rational and balanced manner. The fundamentals for progression are researched, proposed and critically evaluated from a standpoint that allows many avenues for exploration to be suitably addressed. This is a supremely important book in the current global climate which seeks to draw together the attitudes and thoughts of many, assess the understanding and rationale behind this, then propose a harmonious yet focused direction that can be achieved for the Islamic Nation. A compelling examination of critical times, Abbas Al Humaid displays here the same qualities of scholarly rigour, careful argument and sound judgement that he brought to bear so successfully in his first book ‘How to Plan Your Career.”
Marjorie Gardyne CMC, FIBC, MCIPD, FCMI, CMgr
Independent Management Consultant, United Kingdom

“The book is a creative idea and a distinct effort. I have noted quotations from thinkers of other doctrines other than your own, and this is something we commend for you.”
Dr. Tareq Al-Suwaidan, Kuwait

“It is my pleasure to express my appreciation for such a scientific effort you have made in authoring this book and setting up this strategy by which you contribute to the development of the Muslim Nation.”
Dr. Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri,
Director General of the ISESCO
Secretary General of the FUIW

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