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How to Find Happiness in your Life and Increase the Happiness of your Family and Friends

By Dr. Ruth Carr

What is happiness? How can you measure it? These questions and more will be answered in this book. The goal of this book is to show anyone how they have the ability to make happiness their top priority in life. You have the ability to create a life of happiness that you never knew was possible.
Happiness is an easy concept to practice, but a difficult concept to master. Everyone wants happiness in their lives, yet it seems that it is extremely rare to find someone who is always happy. The people who experience the most happiness in their lives do not contribute their success to outside influences. It can also be said that unhappy people tend to credit their unhappiness towards outside influences.
You will learn many different laws that dictate the nature of happiness. You will learn how to implement them into your daily life. Happiness is a positive state of mind, so the first thing you need to do is eliminate any negativity from your life. You will learn about how social pressures cause people to continue to deal with negative situations.

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