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Professionalism on the Page

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Professionalism on the Page

Longueur: 250 pages2 heures


Professional people should be the first to acknowledge that their writing skill can probably be improved. Grammar and style guides fall short of the answer to the problem, which is embedded in attitudes that surface as intellectual and mood faults. Professionalism on the Page reaches that very core of professionalism, framing the attitudinal codes of awareness and responsibility. With these codes firmly in place, mental acuity flourishes through he approach and headline techniques presented here, the method of Exact Writing. In this enjoyable and instructive book, Scott puts us in the driver's seat of the vehicle of prose, with its engine of professionalism transporting an audience of readers towards the intended destination of the writing. He signals the way to deal with the minefield and pitfalls of the writing journey, for all on board to be unharmed by the common misadventures with accuracy, precision and clarity. This book will equip you with the 'Highway Code' and the driving skills for that journey. Use it as your handbook of insight for accomplishment beyond correctness, when words at work are brought fully under control.
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