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Avoiding Burnout: The Seven Principles of Self-Preservation

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Avoiding Burnout: The Seven Principles of Self-Preservation

Longueur: 258 pages6 heures


K.A. Mann had it all. She was a mother and wife, an ultra-marathon runner and a business owner. But the stress of doing the wrong work in an unpleasant environment landed her with a lifelong autoimmune illness. Without work and income, she took stock of how it happened and how she could have prevented her burnout. Kathy developed the seven principles of self-preservation.

The principles cover relationship issues such as the importance of boundaries; knowing yourself and injecting creativity into your life – all in order to create a richer, more rewarding life and to connect with what matters most to you.

In this heartfelt and personal account, she provides great insight into the factors affecting our stress levels. Accompanied by personal stories and backed up by research, Kathy provides opportunities for us to evaluate our lives and to design a life more aligned to our authentic selves.

If you’re suffering from stress, this book could help you avoid burnout and change the trajectory of your life.

“This is a book of triumph and grace that follows when one has suffered deeply and endured crises of such magnitude that our hearts and minds are literally cracked open and we recognise a power beyond ourselves that is always present.”
Meryl Abrahams, Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

About the Author

K.A. Mann enjoys public speaking and writing articles on the topic of avoiding burnout and self-preservation. She writes an honest and thought-provoking blog ( on connecting with your passion and in living a fulfilling life. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband and two daughters.

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