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Container Gardening: 12 Unique Gardening Tips and Small Garden Ideas For Great Home Garden Design

Container Gardening: 12 Unique Gardening Tips and Small Garden Ideas For Great Home Garden Design

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Container Gardening: 12 Unique Gardening Tips and Small Garden Ideas For Great Home Garden Design

62 pages
34 minutes
Aug 22, 2017


Gardening is one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives: there’s the beauty of seeing your garden grow and blossom, the joy of sharing your creation with your friends and family, the relaxing time spent pottering in the garden, the creativity involved in new ideas… It’s a whole world.

If you have a small home garden, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make it look sound and smell magnificent and professional! 

Container Gardening, 12 Unique Gardening Tips and Small Garden Ideas For Great Home Garden Design gives you professional advice and tips to make your small garden look , smell and sound just fantastic.

In this book, you will learn some incredible insider secrets, for example:

How to reduce costs and pollution by using the basic principles of organic gardening, including how to make your own weed killers and pesticides

How to make your garden look much bigger through expert design

How to turn your hedge into a safe haven for small wildlife

How to build a professional water pond at very low cost and which suits your garden

How to make your garden smell fabulous

How to make pygmy water lily ponds

How to sound proof your garden from the noise coming from streets and rail tracks

How to have a virtually maintenance free, ever-lasting and evergreen lawn

How to bring light into your garden, without spending a fortune

How to avoid ‘bald patches’ in your garden

How to grow even the most difficult flowering plants

Aug 22, 2017

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Container Gardening - Alice Simon



Do you want to play an impossible game? Ok, describe in one hundred million words the beauty of gardening... Impossible is it? You would not know where to start? How can you describe the joy of seeing your plants grow up and bless your garden with their colours, their smells and their architectural richness? Can you express the feeling you get when you see the first buds in early spring pop their lovely little heads out of the ground? Could you ever put into words the peace and satisfaction you enjoy while tending to your garden? Could you describe gardening as an activity? Not really, as it is much more than that, it is a form of art, it transcends our daily lives and, for many of us, it is a time spent in unison with nature and with our inner peace.

The sunny days spent in the garden are a priceless time in our lives, and they become even more fun, more interesting and more intriguing if, with easy and practical tips, we can carry out many little projects that will benefit not just the plants and flowers of our garden, not just ourselves, but also all our loved ones with whom we share the fruit of our love and passion for gardening.

The tips and ideas presented in this book do just that: they give you many new ways of being creative while gardening, they will also make your garden more beautiful as well as functional and they will improve the quality of the time you spend both looking after your garden and enjoying it.

So, without further ado, shall we start with some great gardening ideas?

Chapter 1 – Let nature work for you

We said that gardening is a joy, but is it not true that it is even more pleasurable if you do not need to spend time carrying out lots of maintenance jobs because nature does them for you? If your home garden is a small haven of nature in, for example, an urban environment, you may wish to keep it as free from chemicals as possible, especially if you want children to play safely in your green creation.

Unfortunately, nowadays, chemicals have become the norm in many gardens; from herbicides to pesticides, we often use noxious (and sometimes poisonous) substances in a place which should be as natural as possible, making it sometimes not much different (if not in colour and smells) from the very busy roads you want to get away from. Fortunately, though, there has been enormous progress in organic gardening in recent years, especially thanks to HRH Prince Charles, who has been running a fully organic estate at Highgrove, in the United Kingdom. If you cannot afford to visit this beautiful place, do not panic, here are some tips and ideas developed there that you can apply to your own little Highgrove.

Planting: when deciding which flowers to plant, you should not only look at their colours, height, shape and whether they are suitable to the soil and to the exposition to the sun of where you wish to give them a home. You also want your flowers to contribute to the balanced life of your garden, to its ecosystem. So, before you go to the garden centre and buy anything that takes your fancy, do consider whether the flowers you will buy will be simply a beautiful addition to your home garden or whether they have more to offer. Think of your garden as an organism, not as a series of plants in isolation. If you grow a healthy, strong garden, you will need fewer chemicals to keep it beautiful. Here are some ideas you may want to consider:

Choose indigenous plants and flowers: true, some exotic flowers and plants are so beautiful that it is nigh on impossible to resist planting them in your garden. No need to blame yourself for it; there is room for both exotic and indigenous life... What you want to

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