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How to Procrastinate ... Like a Pro!
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Unlike the countless 'How to Stop Procrastinating' books on Amazon, which talk about time management skills and seemingly obvious procrastination cures, this book takes a different approach by highlighting 101 of the Most Deadly Procrastination Techniques so that you can identify your own procrastination habits and overcome them.

People say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Right now, you probably don't even know all your forms of procrastination, so how could you possibly stop procrastinating? (With this book, that's how!)

And, come on, can you really resist a book with chapter headings like TEA-WEE HERMAN, PROCRASTURBATE, and LORD OF THE CARBS? I didn't think so.

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ISBN: 9781386780687
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    101 of the Most Deadly Procrastination Techniques



    How to Procrastinate … Like a Pro! 101 of the Most Deadly Procrastination Techniques, First Edition 2014

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    How to Procrastinate … Like a Pro! 101 of the Most Deadly Procrastination Techniques

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    I want to thank the creators of Evernote. I wrote almost all the content for this book using the Evernote app on my smartphone while going about my day-to-day tasks. To check out the app, please visit

    And as always, thank you to my fans—my readers who are so patiently waiting for me to release more of the Lansin Island Series. If any of you do read this book, then you’ll get a good insight into all the procrastination demons I fight each day to accomplish my writing. Not that I want you to feel sorry for me. (I want you to ADORE me—yes, pleeeaaase adore me!)


    This book is nasty—nahsty, nahsty, naaaahsty! It’s blunt, mean-spirited, sarcastic, possibly humorous (but more likely offensive), and it will make you hang your head in shame when you realise how guilty you are of these top procrastination techniques.

    Is this book for you? Well, are you a procrastinator? Do you have something important to complete, but you just can’t bring yourself to work on it? Got a book to write? An essay? A work project to hand in? A painting to paint? A symphony to compose? A garden to landscape? ANYTHING to complete that you just keep avoiding? Then, yeah, this book is for you.

    So if you are, indeed, a procrastinator, then you should use this book to