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Write a Novel Outline from Scratch!

Write a Novel Outline from Scratch!

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Write a Novel Outline from Scratch!

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Aug 26, 2017


Do you have a story idea inside you that you're dying to write, but you're not sure where to start?

Are you already writing a novel, but the story has become too complicated and you don't know how to make progress?

Maybe you already have your own novel outlining process, but you simply want to improve it?

Or ... perhaps you don't have a story idea yet, but you just love the thought of writing a novel.

Write a Novel Outline from Scratch! is an indispensable tool for storytellers of all levels and backgrounds. In this step-by-step guide, author Andrew Butcher shows you how to come up with a story idea and create a complete novel outline, including detailed character bios, location sheets, and loads of bonus tips that will transform your writing process into one that works!

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or experienced writer. It only matters that you want to outline an intricate story that will wow your readers. On top of that, learning to effectively outline and structure your novel means that when it comes to actually writing it, you'll write it faster, you'll write it better, it will need less revision, and--best of all--you'll get it published sooner!

In this book, you'll learn how to:

- Generate story ideas and expand them into a complete book outline from SCRATCH!
- Weave plot lines together so intricately it will blow your readers' minds
- Create vivid story locations that will transport your readers into your story world
- Create fully developed characters your readers will love (or love to hate!)
- Implement BONUS outlining tips that will forever change your writing process
- Gain confidence in your writing by effectively outlining your story first

The book includes links to loads of downloadable files to supplement your learning, and plenty of real-life examples from Andrew's first novel. There's even a FREE Scrivener template for Windows available for download, so if you're a Scrivener user, you can follow the exact template Andrew uses for outlining his stories. But don't worry, if you're not a Scrivener user, you will still benefit from reading this book!

By the end of it all, you'll feel ready to write your book. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and start outlining your novel today!

Aug 26, 2017

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Aperçu du livre

Write a Novel Outline from Scratch! - Andrew Butcher


Part 1:


Chapter 1


First of all, a big thank you for purchasing this book. I’m happy to have you on board!

I’ll start with a brief overview of what you can expect to learn.

In Part 1, we’ll have material to help you feel grounded and prepared for the rest of the book. These initial chapters will clear up any doubts you might have about your ability to write a novel, clarify the differences between a ‘plotter’ and a ‘pantser,’ and arm you with a bonus tool that could be your lifeline throughout this book—maybe even throughout your entire writing career!

In Part 2, From Idea to Words on the Page, you’ll learn how to generate your initial story idea—your story’s basic premise. You’ll decide whether you want to start with characters or a plot. We’ll look at the benefits of note-taking and brainstorming, and then you’ll receive a bonus tip to help you capture every amazing story idea that crosses your mind.

In Part 3, The Outline (Part 1), I give you a heads-up about the order of the following chapters and encourage you to decide what order you wish to read them in. I show you how to effectively organise the content you’ll be creating throughout this book, and then—get excited!—you’ll have your first shot at writing your story synopsis.

In Part 4, Character Creation, we take a detour so you can learn the importance of detailed character creation and how fleshing out your characters affects your plot. You’ll fill out character bios for your main characters, and you’ll receive another bonus tip—one that will help you instantly and easily visualise and get a poignant sense of your characters.

In Part 5, Your Story’s Locations, I help you decide whether or not you need to create a map to help you outline your plot, and then I guide you through creating location sheets to ensure your story’s settings are the best they can be. Then I’ll share another bonus tip with you.

In Part 6, The Outline (Part 2), we get into the nitty-gritty of outlining! I guide you through creating your chapter-by-chapter synopses, give you tips to help with the structure and flow of your story, and explore themes and symbolism in your story. Then I show you how to condense your synopsis down into a few paragraphs, and then even further… into a one-line synopsis that will capture your story’s essence and motivate you throughout the writing of your first draft. On top of that, you get two bonus tips in this part!

Then, in Part 7, you’ll consolidate what you’ve learnt. I’ll give you further resources to help you on your writing journey, and then I’ll share with you the most exciting bonus tip of them all!

Get ready for an exciting journey.

If you’re wondering how long it should take you to complete your outline, it’s different for everybody, depending on different factors—like how much spare time you’ve got, how long and detailed your novel turns out, and so on. Each exercise in the book takes a different amount of time, too. Outlining your novel could take you days, weeks, or months to complete, and in some cases, maybe even years. But however long it takes you, you’ll notice results right away once you start on the first few exercises and are thrilled by the story ideas you come up with.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about the book. My only caveat is that (as you know) I’m a writer, so I spend a lot of my time writing—but I will always aim to get back to you as soon as I can.

If you want to reach me, please visit my official author website at www.Andrew-Butcher.com and use the contact form there to get in touch.

Chapter 2

Can YOU Write a Book?

I suppose this chapter is mostly for those of you who are newest to writing, or who haven’t ever written a book. If you’re an intermediate or advanced writer, then you can safely skip this chapter—but I’d still recommend reading it anyway, because this information is pretty inspiring!

There are probably some of you who are worried about your ability to write a book. I’m here to tell you that it’s not worth worrying about.

Let me share with you how I started on my own writing journey.

Before I was twenty-one, I had never written anything of much value before—just a few short stories in college about my teenage angst, some diary entries, and some other scribbles here and there.

I tried my hand at loads of things. I had interests in music, counselling, setting up my own web business, and much more. But none of it really took off or ‘clicked’ with who I felt I was.

Then, one evening, when I was at my day job and should have been working, I reached the end of a fantastic book series, and this thought suddenly hit me:

Why can’t I write a book series?

Soon I was remembering little daydreams I’d had and fun story ideas I’d come up with years ago, but had never taken seriously. I began jotting these ideas down, and before I knew it, I had a rough synopsis, character bios, location sheets, and a badly drawn map of my story world.

I had my first ever outline!

Soon after, I wrote my first draft. After a few rounds of editing, it became my debut novel, A Death Displaced.

Of course, since then, I have refined my outlining process into what I’ll be showing you in this book.

But what I’m saying here is, if that’s all it took for me—that little thought of ‘Why can’t I write a book series?’—and then all I had to do was take action, then you can do it too.

You may have other concerns about writing. One of the most common fears that deters people from writing is their belief that their spelling and grammar aren’t good enough.

Don’t let this stop you.

I have another true story for you here that even inspired me, after I’d already been writing for a few years.

A woman I know asked me to edit a book she’d just finished writing. I wanted to help out, so I agreed… but when I received the manuscript, I discovered it was in a worse state than any manuscript I had ever seen.

The writing was a mess:

There was no punctuation whatsoever—no full stops, no commas, nothing!

Almost every other word was misspelt.

A lot of the information in the book was repeated again and again, and none of it was in a good order or separated into paragraphs.

But the most important thing, which was evident from the moment I started reading, was that this woman could write a story.

Even with the spelling mistakes, absent punctuation, and grammar issues, her writing had an easy-to-read, conversational quality to it that cut straight through any boundaries that fancy prose might have put in place. Her writing was raw and powerful in its simplicity.

I actually believe that people who don’t have the best grasp of spelling or grammar might have an advantage when it comes to storytelling.

When you do start understanding the many rules of grammar and punctuation, you can end up pausing in your writing and spending your time making sure everything’s grammatically correct and spelt right, instead of actually putting more words on the page!

Of course, I’m speaking quite generally here; everyone’s different.

But if the woman I knew had felt that compulsion to self-edit her novel as she was writing it—to perfect every sentence—then she most likely never would have finished it.

And here comes the most important part of this story.

We found a reasonably priced editor for her novel who, within a few months, corrected all the mistakes and polished the book to a professional standard. The book is now published, and within the first few weeks of publication, it raised almost a thousand pounds for the charity it supports.

So, like I hinted earlier, what set this woman apart from most people is that she simply kept writing.

And that’s what will set you apart from the vast majority of humans on the planet, who haven’t ever written a book. So many people are stuck as ‘aspiring writers.’

But you’re not going to ‘aspire’ to write anymore. Once you’ve constructed your story outline with the help of this book, you are going to write.

You will become a writer.

And with the ability to self-publish these days, so easily and for free, you don’t even have to worry about the ‘gate-keepers’ in traditional publishing if you don’t want to take that route.

Your task:

Explore your own views surrounding your ability to write a book.

If you find yourself plagued by any doubts, begin reassuring yourself. I bet that for any doubt you can come up with, there are plenty of real-life examples of writers out there who have overcome the same obstacles and found success.

Plus, you’ve got an advantage they didn’t have: you’ve got this book.


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    Too much self promotion. Links to his website are liberally sprinkled throughout and he kept using his own work as examples.