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Everything I Found on the Beach

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Everything I Found on the Beach

Note : 3 sur 5 étoiles3/5 (9 évaluations)
Longueur: 207 pages2 heures


Everything I Found on the Beach follows The Dig and should capitalize on bookseller enthusiasm for Jones's work.
The novel shares a sense of menace and tenderness with Jones's previous work, but is far more plot driven, using genre conventions from police procedurals and thrillers. It has a cinematic feel.
UnlikeThe Dig, EIFOTB lacks the brutal badger/birthing scenes which turned off more sensitive readers.
The novel follows three men in meager circumstances, casting a spotlight on people who've been sacrificed in the economic downturn, and making their suffering (and desperate attempts to right themselves) as poignant as they are catastrophic.
Jones has a talent for imbuing everyday labor with dignity and interest, making rabbit hunting, net laying, and even knife sharpening weighted and fascinating.
All of our editions of Jones's books will have a consistent look, with french flaps for the longer titles (including this one)
Like CHP in the US, in the UK Granta purchased rights to The Dig and Jones's backlist, which were rereleased there (they will be first US editions here)
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