Ascension Codes

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Ascension Codes

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These codes were brought forth from another dimension for humanity to work with during this wild and wonderful Time of Transformation. They are active and contain helpful energies that can assist in upgrading our consciousness. Some people hear music emanating from them. Others like to gaze at the ones that they resonate with for hours at a time. Everyone has their own experience with them. You may be drawn to new ones at different times. Sensitive individuals may feel them interacting with their body. For best results, gaze at them with a quiet mind and an open heart. These functional art pieces will bless you and your environment wherever you choose to take them.

"These are 'memory codes' as they mimic individualized DNA formations and structures. They are a 'universal language.' Each symbol is a presentation of frequency, often interpreted as a code, sound or tone. I would advise meditating on each symbol or using the symbols for dreamwork. Look at each symbol before you go to sleep so you utilize them as 'dream triggers.' You could also sleep with the book beneath your pillow or draw one symbol that resonates with you and place that under your pillow at night."
--- Magenta Pixie, Author of Masters of the Matrix and Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template.

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