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Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree

Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree

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Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree

68 pages
49 minutes
Oct 9, 2017


Two years removed from their Christmas escapade with Jacob, Hailey and Isaiah decide to investigate the Christmas magic that seemed to start with the power of their grandfather's Christmas tree. They set out to find where the magic could have begun. After narrowing down the possibilities, they decide to go to the Walmart warehouse, the last place the tree would have been before being sent to the local store where it was purchased. When they get there, strange things begin to happen. Just before they enter, Hailey and Isaiah are met by a fully clothed Santa who invites them into what appears to be Santa's workshop, then not. They leave with a magical drone that has adopted Isaiah as its owner. From there, things get even stranger, and soon all the cousins find themselves within the drone, and are taken on a magical ride back to the town beneath their grandfather's Christmas tree—the place where it all began.    

Oct 9, 2017

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Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree - JR Wirth


Excerpt from Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree

It all started last year when Harper was helping with the ornaments, after Grandpa begrudgingly pulled out the Christmas decorations. She soon started having whispered conversations with the nativity scene, along with the couple and their baby in the sleigh. The couple who adopted Harper the year we vanished to the town beneath the Christmas tree. After being carefully placed in their normal spots under the tree, the ornaments disappeared.

Later, they mysteriously reappeared. By chance, they were found in their designated spots under the Christmas tree. The weird part about the whole incident was that Harper would have thrown a fit if someone would’ve taken her sleigh and manger, but she took it quite well—too well if you ask me. My best guess is that she took them to her room and probably hid them in a drawer. And, maybe, she would take them out at night, and talk to them. Maybe she had secret conversations with the couple and, again, communicated with the baby Jesus. No matter what else happened last Christmas season, Harper was seen talking to, and playing with, the couple and the manger ornaments. Coincidence? I think not. The one thing I know for sure is that Harper could out-talk us all, with or without a Christmas tree.


Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree

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Chapter One

The year following the death of Jacob and his mother, Sophie, was a bit of a downer for all of us. Even the fun-filled terms, P-face and Cheeze-its, passed with Jacob that day. No one could really process all that happened, but we all knew what happened was of a divine nature. There was no denying that we were God’s children and, for some reason, we’d been chosen to endure that mission, and the loss. Maybe, we were mere instruments of God, called upon to save the preacher and the kid up the hill, Joe—who, by the way, is doing well. Bubba sees him around the school yard and reports back. He tells of a happy family, which now has a new baby that Joe is very protective of, courtesy of his mother and new stepfather.

And, of course, it would make sense that we would’ve needed a powerful lure to accomplish the task of getting us out of the house on that cold wintery day. Jacob’s personality and charisma were certainly enough to get us motivated. Even Isaiah, the reluctant leader of our group, found it easy to follow Jacob on the Christmas escapade through our town around the Christmas tree.

The Christmas following the escapade, was kind of uneventful.

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