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Tenderhearted Cowboy

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Tenderhearted Cowboy

Longueur: 290 pages4 heures


It’s 1870, and even in wild, west Texas, nothing is more important than family.

When Joe Dawson was just 15 years old, tragedy tore his family apart. He spent the next 7 years searching for his brothers and sisters, even as he found purpose for his own life on a ranch and with the Texas Rangers. He is afraid to claim love when he finds it because everything he has loved has been stolen from him. Yet through spring round-up, marauding Indians, stampeding cattle and the long cattle drive, his heart slowly heals because of the kindness of the rancher who rescued him and the love of the rancher’s daughter, who trusted him with her heart.

But until Joe is able to reclaim his family, he won’t allow himself to build a life with the woman he loves. It is through Sky’s love that Joe realizes the heart can find safety and joy in family, whether it’s family born or a family newly made.

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