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Calender's Time

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Calender's Time

Longueur: 84 pages17 minutes


The sun's ambition is to liken each one of us, to homogenize our ideas, but people always have a day in their calendar, where there is declaration of war signed, division, anger, hatred and torture. Be it black, pink or purple, the sun sends sparkling rays of light to everyone of us. A tree has season to lose moisture, fruits dried and shriveled, loss of freshness and vitality. Flowers fade before sprouting, thorns are before a rose, everything has its time. Through poetry, this book will effectively educate you about the different seasons in life. Politicians have a season to play games, humans have an unknown time where oxygen vanishes, people have a day planned in their calendar to cultivate bridges, to watch you crawl. Only death in this sphere we located in has no specific time in the calendar to occur. But everything else, is planted somewhere. The book calendar's time contains poems that will help you to always be erect each second of your existence.

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