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Ride a Long Shadow

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Ride a Long Shadow

Longueur: 121 pages2 heures


Texas, 1878. Somewhere dark in the Texas Hill Country, lies a 50-year-old cache of gold and silver buried there by knife fighter Jim Bowie before he went to die at the Alamo. The hoard is protected by the spirits of the dead Comanche and a living Apache chief, Choya, who is riding north with a massed war party their goal is the undermanned Fort Bowie....and vengeance. Only one man, Wes Harper, the Shadow Rider, can stop them but he has enough trouble on his hands with the Murchison bunch, a beautiful Mexican woman and a crooked partner. Fighting for his life and the survival of his ranch against the Apache, Wes finds the odds stacked against him. Only an iron will and hot lead will buy him time.
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