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Greatest Cartridges of All Time

Greatest Cartridges of All Time

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Greatest Cartridges of All Time

94 pages
54 minutes
Nov 1, 2014


From the Introduction:

I'll ask the question for you esteemed reader, what divine proclamation anointed your humble scribe the guru of all the cartridges that exists? The answer is simple, there is no such anointment. Well, perhaps my publisher indicated such, but that certainly isn't divine providence.

I have, however, had a long and varied shooting and hunting career. I received my first firearm, a Winchester youth rifle (a Model 68 I believe it was), single-shot .22 RF, at the ripe old age of six years. If I make it to Mid-August this year, I’ll turn seventy-six. Math has never been my strong suite, but I think that gives me seventy years of shooting experience . . .

Nov 1, 2014

À propos de l'auteur

Tom Turpin's nationally published writing career began in 1972 when Petersen's Guns & Ammo magazine published his first article. At the time, Tom was stationed in the great state of Alaska during a tour of duty with the U.S. Army. Not long after that, he had a few articles published in Gun Digest and Guns magazine. He later became acquainted with, and as time passed, a good friend of, the longtime editor of Gun Digest, the late John T. Amber. Mr. Amber introduced Tom around the industry and helped his budding career immensely. During the seventies and eighties, Tom was very busy indeed, balancing a military career, including a couple tours in Vietnam, an outdoor writing career, raising a family and serving as a design consultant to the old German firearms manufacturer, F.W. Heym. He also from time to time, assisted the great German scope manufacturer Schmidt & Bender. These days, after more than thirty years in the business, several hundred published articles, two books of his own and substantial contributions to another two, he is still at the keyboard. He presently is a contributing editor to Primedia's RifleShooter magazine; contributing editor to Gun Digest; and a freelance contributor to most all the other firearms and hunting publications. At any given time, he usually has several magazine articles in progress, another book or two in the works, and two or three custom rifles in varying stages of completion. An avid hunter, he has hunted on four continents. A great fan of the late Jack O'Connor, Tom has found the sage advice contained in O'Connor's writings to be very accurate. As such, Tom's favorite hunting caliber for most situations is the old 270 Winchester. One of his published articles is a tribute to Jack O'Connor on what would have been O'Connor's 100th birthday. That story was published in the March/April 2002 issue of Petersen's RifleShooter. Tom and his wife, Pauline, live and work in the wonderful high desert community of Sierra Vista, Arizona.

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Greatest Cartridges of All Time - Tom Turpin


Chapter 1

The Eminently Useful .22 Rimfire

Outside the recent ammo shortage, the .22 Rimfire might be one of the most ubiquitous rounds in the shooting world. A great majority of shooters sent a .22 bullet down range the first time they pulled the trigger.

The little rimfire round is one of the most useful cartridges ever developed. I have not been without at least one firearm so chambered in more than 69 years.

I presently have three rifles and one handgun, including a rifle that I’ve owned for about 65 years. It was my second rifle ever. My dad traded the first, a single shot Winchester Model 68, in on a Marlin Model 81-DL repeater when I felt that I had outgrown the single shot. My ammo bill went up appreciably with that acquisition.

I bought my ammo at Bill Williams’s general store for the hefty price of one penny per round. A ten round purchase was about the most I could ever afford at one time.

My new Marlin was deadly accurate and I kept the local population of starlings, squirrels, cottontail rabbits, possums and ground hogs pretty much in check, so long as I could come up with a nickel or two for ammo. I usually reserved my meager supply of ammo for serious purposes, and used my Daisy BB gun for the more mundane shooting.

Ten cents doesn’t sound like much today, but back then it was a lot of money and squandering it on less than necessary usage was deeply frowned by my dad. A product of the great depression, he wasted nothing. I had to account for each round of the precious rimfire ammo.

Over the years, I’ve owned a number of handguns chambered for the little rimfire. Alas I recently sold my next-to-last remaining handgun so chambered. It was a Smith & Wesson Model 18 Combat Masterpiece with target trigger and hammer. I’ve also owned and used several Colt Woodsman semi-autos, as well as a Colt Ace or three. I’ve had Ruger Single-Sixes, High Standard semi-autos, and both Harrington & Richardson and Iver Johnson revolvers.

I once had a S&W Model 34 Kit Gun chambered for the rimfire. I usually carried it with me when deer and antelope hunting, to administer the coup de gras if necessary, and whatever else I might need it for. I’ve long since lost track of all that have come and gone through my hands, but all have been handy and useful, as well as a lot of fun.

Many use the .22 Rimfire as a plinking load, but it also has many practical applications. For small varmints, there might not be a better or more economical round.

Perhaps the best use for the cartridge is as a training and practice round. Just about every kid learns to shoot with .22 RF chambered firearm. However, it does have some serious applications.

For example, during my college days, I was a ROTC cadet for all four years, and shot competitively on the collegiate rifle team. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when they issued me a new Winchester Model 52D rifle, all the ammunition I could shoot, and keys to the indoor rifle range. I shot that same Model 52 all four years on the team and really hated to have to turn it in upon graduation. I don’t have any idea how many rounds I used during those collegiate years, but it was a bunch – many thousands to be sure.

In the hands of a good marksman who is careful with his shots, it is very effective on small game and varmints. One of our best squirrel hunters in my part of Appalachia was Lonnie Murphy. While most local squirrel hunters used shotguns, Lonnie used nothing but his trusty Winchester Model 61 pump. He also wasted no meat as he shot all his squirrels in the head! I had the pleasure of hunting with him a few times and he taught me a lot about hunting the delicious little

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