Moments In Time

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Moments In Time

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For most of her life, Jay W. MacIntosh (born Janet Tallulah Jewell) has loved flowers. It started when she was little. When her mother planted vegetables, she planted flowers. When her mother harvested carrots or lettuce or squash, she picked flowers. As she grew older, she knew most of the homes with fresh flowers in their yards. She knew hedges with flowers and yards with jonquils and tulips and narcissus. Her love affair with flowers continued. In later life, she became interested in photography and began taking pictures of roses. This book is a collection of her favorites with selected quotations. "It is wonderful when someone can turn their passion into a book and shares that passion other people. Jay W MacIntosh has done this with her book "Moments in Time." What started from her routine daily walks and her own love of flowers and beauty has now become a book that can be shared with all. I find it very uplifting to be able to look through this book and view the pictures of the colorful flowers. Jay W MacIntosh has capture the essence of beautiful flowers. I particularly enjoy the pictures of the flowers that are moist. It looks like the flowers have just been watered. I bought this book for my mom as a mother's day gift. My mother really loved it. It is a great gift for those special occasions and for anyone who enjoys nature and beauty." - Randi S. Klein, California Attorney.

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