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Powerful Co-Teaching: Special Education & General Education

Powerful Co-Teaching: Special Education & General Education

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Powerful Co-Teaching: Special Education & General Education

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134 pages
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Feb 6, 2018


This book is a must-read for administrators, teachers, professors, policy-makers, parents, and school district leaders across the country. Interventions can take several forms, but successful interventions come from creating a strategic plan based on observations with fidelity. To be successful, you must have a successful leader that is humble enough to follow their subordinates when needed. This book breaks down the characteristics of transformational leaders; strategies for successful inclusion, then switches gears to examine factors influencing teachers’ attitudes toward including students with behavior intervention plans in inclusion classrooms with authentic research results from a causal-comparative study. The research found that majority of general and special education teachers believe that inclusion provides advantages for students with behavior intervention plans when there is effective collaboration. This book uncovered factors influencing teachers’ attitudes towards inclusion relating to students with Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs). BIPs can help prevent behavior problems by addressing their cause. Descriptors: educational leadership, Dr. Thurman Tucker, inclusion, general education, special education, BIPs.
Feb 6, 2018

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Powerful Co-Teaching - Thurman Tucker

Copyright © 2017, 2018 by Dr. Thurman D. Tucker

All Rights Reserved,

Including the right of reproduction

in whole or part in any form.

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Office Telephone: 615-738-6423

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Dr. Tucker’s 10 Commandments!

1. Trust in Your God! Being Humble is the key to success!

2. Never be scared to be a failure in someone else’s EYES! Remember it is your EYEs that leads your VISION!

3. Make More Money, Than You Are Spending

4. Live A Healthy Life

5. Trust will vary, But Respect All

6. We are all successful in LIFE until we DIE, and then at that point, there is no more LIFE in us!

7. Learning is Exploring the Natural World

8. Love Your Mother & Father! They created YOU!!!

9. Move on Facts, Don’t Believe Everything, Data Can Always Be Manipulated, Research Your Truth

10. Give It Everythang You Got



Twitter: @drthurmantucker

Dr. Thurman D. Tucker (Ed.D) Owner of E.B.I.Q.


Email: info@​thurmantucker.​org or Office Telephone: 615-738-6423

Give It Everythang You Got

Poem Written by Thurman Tucker, Ed.D

© 2017 – Never Giv Up Publishing (BMI)

Chorus 2x’s:

I don’t care what we go thru,

We are going to survive this!

You are not going to die because you feel a little pain!

You have to ‘Give It Everythang You Got’

Verse 1:

You got to give it everythang

From the bottom of your feet, back to your brain

We got to help these innocent children

I don’t care whether they’re Black, White, Hispanic, Arab, or Asian

All God seeds deserve an EDUCATION

We got to stop being so faithless

We got to stop hating

And build a strong nation

Parents we got to teach our kids

How to live with all types of kids

Just because he black and she white

Don’t mean they got to grow up and fight

And teachers can play a major part too

By grouping kids together in school

Because what they learn, will turn into the future

I love you MOMMA!!!

Chorus 2x’s:

Verse 2:

We are going to survive this

I guarantee this

Because we are going to build strong relationships

If you take it on yourself

To help yourself

Then one day you can help someone else

I’m a school teacher and I love the kids

I’m a school teacher and I help the kids

God created us to be equal

Not to hold grudges and judge people

Martin Luther King was a man before his time

So, I pray that we all fall in line


A reflection of society is what some have grown to be

A young man, that understands, and got a plan

For us all to hold hands, sing and dance

I pray one day, we can live in one nation

With no hating, just more love and BETTER EDUCATION

Chorus 2x’s:

I don’t care what we go thru; we are going to survive this!

You are not going to die because you feel a little pain!

You have to ‘Give It Everythang You Got’


Dr. Thurman Tucker is a professional educator, #1 selling author, special education expert, championship sports coach, mentor, consultant, teacher of the year nominee, and a proud father. Dr. Tucker has inspired thousands of children with the power of building relationships. As he travels the country in and out of urban, suburban and rural schools, his message is a simple one: for genuine success, we must build relationships with children. A passionate teacher at heart, mixing his experience from the streets, marriage, divorce, and collegiate education to reach individuals from all walks of life. Born and raised on welfare in the hardcore streets of Flint, Michigan (www.thurmantucker.org). Dr. Tucker teaches the mindset, skillset and toolset to youth, adults, and educators about living the life of a humble devoted American citizen. He is always recognized by his students and colleagues as one of the most caring leaders of our time. This street-savvy good-hearted overachiever has earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s, ED.S, and Doctor’s Degree (Ed.D) with an astounding 4.0 GPA. For his excellence in academics, he was chosen to be a member of the Alpha Chi and Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Societies. Doctor Tucker is a K-12 professional licensed Special Education teacher and also holds a license for Administration and Supervision (Principalship) for grades PreK-12. This championship winning basketball coach; coaching experience includes college, high-school, middle school, elementary and AAU (www.thurmantucker.org). He also coaches softball during his spare time. Coach Tucker has developed and mentored several NBA & overseas professional and collegiate athletes. He has worked alongside Hall of Fame NCAA D1 National Championship Coaches; Tubby Smith and Tom Izzo. Furthermore, he has worked with legendary NAIA and future hall of famer basketball coach, Lonnie Thompson, not to mention Kermit Davis and Josh Pastner from NCAA D1 schools. His passion for sports has had a major impact on his life. Sports provided an outlet for me to escape the streets of Flint, states Dr. Coach Tucker. Coach Thompson provided me a chance to propel my professional life as an educator, and for that reason, I am grateful for him.

Thurman Tucker garnished All-City and All-State accolades in football & was a dominant basketball force at Flint Northwestern High School, helping NHS to back-to-back Final Four appearances (www.thurmantucker.org). His collegiate football career began at Michigan State University & ended at Middle Tennessee State University with a knee injury. While attending college at MTSU, Dr. Tucker was robbed at gunpoint in his home on Jackson Street; when four individuals broke into his house and shot several times at his head. Through the grace of GOD and the prayers from my family, I was not killed, says Dr. Tucker.

After he graduated from college with his B.S., he worked in Nashville on Music Row for RCA and Sony BMG as an A&R assistant. While working in Nashville, Dr. Tucker recorded demos for Martina McBride, Clint Black, Lorrie Morgan and other famous country artists. He was also a successful nightclub promoter (Tuck’s Jam) for two-years and played a major role in spotlighting urban entertainment in the south. He is the nephew of former 3-point specialist NBA player, Trent Tucker, who won

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  • (5/5)
    This book has helped through my past two years in education. It provide strategies to ensure the co-teaching process is smooth!! A must read for all educators