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483 Non-Toxic DIY, Health, Beauty, and Household Recipes to Replace the Chemicals in your Life

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483 Non-Toxic DIY, Health, Beauty, and Household Recipes to Replace the Chemicals in your Life

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Longueur: 70 pages24 minutes


Let me try to guess what brought you here...

You're worried about exposing yourself - and your family - to the increasing number of dangerous chemicals found in commercial household, bath and cosmetic products...

Or maybe you're tired of supporting companies who engage in unethical and unnecessary chemical testing on animals...

Now raise your hand if you just wanna stir up some amazing bath products. :)

(I'll give you a tip: These recipes are amazing for birthday parties and sleepovers - and girl's night!)

No matter what your reason for taking control of the chemicals you put on, in, and around your body, these natural recipes will reduce your risk of preventable diseases by lowering your exposure.

The collection includes 483 recipes from the best DIY bloggers on the web in a number of organized categories with hyperlinked sections to get you back to the home page quickly.

You'll soon be using natural, homemade:

Hair Products

Styling Products
Hair Repair Treatments
Natural Hair Color

Facial Care

Nourishing Masks
Washes & Cleansers
Facial Steams

Bath & Body Products

Body Wash
Bar Soaps
Bath Bombs
Bath Salts
Bubble & Milk Baths
Body Scrubs
Body Sprays
Lip Scrubs
Hand Treatments
Foot & Toe Indulgence
Oral Health
Shaving Creams & Hair Removal

Organic Cosmetics

Eye Liner
Eye Shadow
Foundation, Bronzer & Blush
Makeup Remover
Lip Balm & Color

Household Products

Laundry Soap
Dish Liquid
Dishwasher Detergent
Glass Cleaner
Air Fresheners
Stain Removers
Floor Wash
Drain Cleaner

Lawn & Garden

Weed Killers
Lawn Care

With an almost overwhelming variety of recipes and an easy-to-navigate format, you'll soon know exactly what's in the products you use in your home and on your body, putting you one step closer to a sustainable, natural life.

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