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33 pages
26 minutes
Mar 9, 2018


Their biggest wish: to become an astronaut. Their mission: to explore the universe. Their story... seems to end right here. In an unknown world. Far away from civilization.
A three-man crew crashes in unknown territory. Without external help, they depend on each other to find out where they are and how to continue their mission. Or actually, how to continue to live...

Mar 9, 2018

À propos de l'auteur

"I love writing into the dark; like to be surprised by the characters scavenging through my own stories. Just before things are getting familiar; when I think, or at least believe, to know where a new story is going to, I give it a twist and make my readers (and myself) wonder... how the hell is this going to end?"WORDS and VISIONEduard Meinema is writer and visual artist. He writes in an exciting and humorous style. Creates intense, passionate and mysterious stories filled with unexpected twists which will seduce anyone to finish reading at full speed. Beside his full length novels, Eduard is fond of writing Flash Fiction and Short Stories. All of these 'Twisted Tales' are published as stand alone eBooks in the series 'Flash & Shorts'.Meinema's works of art include so called 'lyric abstract' paintings. Expressionistic works made of Acrylics and Sand. But also Pop-art, including characters known as 'Skredches' (Yes! There is a blog:check out the official site to find blog feeds!!) and...fish paintings. As Meinema says: "Ah! I love fish. Love to see them. Love to keep them. Breed them, paint them, eat them... (ouch, sorry for that...). Oh yeah, I love fish in each and every way."Meinema, born 1963 (Delft, The Netherlands) is former CEO of a temp office, specialized in contracting technicians. Together with his wife he has managed a gallery for contemporary art and jewelry for more than ten years. Nowadays Meinema is fulltime writer and visual artist.

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Innerverse - Eduard Meinema

Innerverse - Eduard Meinema


Their biggest wish: to become an astronaut. Their mission: to explore the universe. Their story... seems to end right here. In an unknown world. Far away from civilization.

A three-man crew crashes in unknown territory. Without external help, they depend on each other to find out where they are and how to continue their mission. Or actually, how to continue to live...→Start reading!


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website: www.eduardmeinema.nl

FLASH AND SHORTS # 418030201 – Innerverse

Terrifying and deafening, a high whistle sounds through the dark room. The only light comes from a red light that blinks restlessly; on - off - on - off...

Indispensable stuff... DUCT tape, Timothy Sweek laughs seemingly unperturbed. I closed the leak in your suit Attilio. You can breathe quietly again... Tim hangs the tape back on the belt of his own suit and searches in the dark for his commander. He will make it; his space suit caught the heaviest blows, says Sweek to the barely recognizable shadow that stands in front of him.

The flashing red light reflects nervously in the helmet of Kenny Britto. Well, then the three musketeers are still in the race, grunts Commander Britto as he watches how Attilio Gaudant is resting exhausted on the heavily damaged control panel of the space cruiser.

The race? Sweek asks without comprehension while he carefully places Gaudant on the floor.

We are still living Sweek, sighs Britto, who becomes increasingly annoyed by the lingering whistle and the endlessly flashing red light. We still have a chance to cross the finish line together; with the three of us.

Oh, Sweek replies uninterested.

For heaven’s sake, first put out that fucking alarm.

I would not know how...

Smash it; kick it, whatever. I don’t care; just make sure that this fucking noise stops and that damn lamp does not flash anymore!

Sweek reaches with his hand under the broken control panel next to Gaudant's motionless body. Don’t you bother Attilio, he

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