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The Insistent Writer: Write for a Breakthrough

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The Insistent Writer: Write for a Breakthrough

Longueur: 42 pages30 minutes


Insistent writers pursue a passion for writing and a dream for publication. They set goals. They learn from their rejections. And they do not apologize for their ambitions.

It sounds simple enough, doesn't it? That would be true, except that doubt and disappointment have a way of piling up on every writer's desk.

"The Insistent Writer: Write for a Breakthrough" explores the stories of other writers who have believed and achieved their way to writing success and offers tangible tips and information for those wishing to overcome their own writing challenges.

Finally, readers are offered detailed recommendations for how they can visualize and then apply the ideas found in this eBook to their own writing lives.

Are you ready to become an insistent writer? Are you ready to experience a breakthrough in your personal goals for writing fulfillment? This eBook is the first step to getting you there!

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