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Teachable Transitions: 190 Activities to Move from Morning Circle to the End of the Day

Teachable Transitions: 190 Activities to Move from Morning Circle to the End of the Day

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Teachable Transitions: 190 Activities to Move from Morning Circle to the End of the Day

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240 pages
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Jan 1, 2003


Filled with movement activities, games, fingerplays, chants, and songs, Teachable Transitions transforms necessary transitions into pleasurable moments that children look forward to! The activities, organized by arrival, departure, snack, outside time, naptime, and cleanup, help children move through their day. Theme connections link to the curriculum, adding continuity and more opportunity for learning. With its "Ready, Set, Go" format, transitions become fun, stress-free learning moments.
Jan 1, 2003

À propos de l'auteur

Rae Pica has been a children's movement specialist since 1980. She is the founder/director of Moving and Learning, a company offering services and materials related to physical activity for children from birth to age eight. A popular speaker and workshop leader, she is also co-creator and host of the radio program "Body, Mind, and Child."

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Teachable Transitions - Rae Pica



Using This Book

Teaching Fingerplays, Songs, and Movement

General Tips

Ready, Set, Go


Good Morning to You

Here Today

Hello, Welcome

Hello to You

It’s a Seasonal Thing

Hello & Welcome

When I Grow Up

Come Together

Good Morning, Good Morning

How Are You This Fine Day?

Show and Tell

Guess What I Did

How’s the Weather?

A Holiday Question

It’s Time to Start Our Day

This Is My Friend

Hail, Hail

We’re So Glad to Be Here


Stand Up/Sit Down

The Four Seasons

Here We Go

Let’s Solve a Problem

Separate Ways

One Little, Two Little

Moving Like Animals

Animal Environments

Pass a Sound


It’s Time to Clean Up


A Flick of the Lights

Freeze, Shake, & Clean

A Special Breath


Let’s Clean the Room


Countdown to Cleanup

Zoom, Zoom

A-B-C Clean

I Spy

Cleanup Imagery

The Path to Cleanliness

Tiptoe to Tiptop Shape

The Cleaning Machine

Once Upon a Time

Singing While We Work

Time to Clean I

Time to Clean II

Happy to Be Clean

Celebrate Cleaning!

Clean Up by Color

Snacks and Lunch

If You’re Hungry

My Tummy’s Getting Hungry

Hey, Hey, It’s Time to Eat

This Is the Way We...

Being Food

Before and After Food

Get Ready, Spaghetti

My Favorite Food

Alphabet Soup

Food-Related Machines

Food Forms

What Food Am I?

Food-Related Work

Time to Go

We’re Heading to Lunch Now

We Are Hungry


Food in Motion

Food-Related Motion

The Shape of Food

Food Transportation

Yum, Yum, the Food Was Good

That Was Yummy

Thank You

What I Liked Best


Fill in the Blanks

I Spy

Stand Up/Sit Down

The Color of Food

Outside the Classroom

Who’s Ready to Go?


Line Leader

Toward the Door

What’s My Line?

The Long & Short of It

What’s My Shape?

The Playground’s Waiting

Climb & Jump & Run Around

Goin’ on a Field Trip

Take My Hand


We’re Going Out the Door

A’ Marching We Will Go

Follow the Leader

Problem Solving


To the Library

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

High-Wire Act

What’s the Weather?

Nap or Rest Time

Soothing Imagery I

Soothing Imagery II

Instant Replay

We’re Getting So Tired

Slowing Down

With Feeling

Soothing Imagery III

I’m Melting...

Statues & Rag Dolls

Being Balloons


A Sleeping Contest

Counting Sheep

Rest Your Eyes

Spending Quiet Time

Sleepy, Sleepy

It’s Time to Rest Now

Hush Little Children

Are You Sleeping?

Time to Wake

Up Go the Children

Wake Up, Wake Up

Waking Imagery




Circle, Circle

Come to the Center

Tummy to Tummy

Ring Around the Rosie

Come to the Circle Area If...

The Train


The End of the Day

One Word

A Very Good Day

This Is My Friend

We Have Had a Wonderful Day

We Wish You a Pleasant Evening

Time to Go

It Was Good to Have You With Us

We’ll See You Tomorrow


If You’re Happy

ABC Departure

Leave Like a ...


Teachable Transitions

190 Activities to Move from Morning Circle to the End of the Day

Rae Pica

Gryphon House

Lewisville, NC


This book is dedicated to my mother, Eleanor Pica-Merrill, for her steadfast love and for the pride in me that she never fails to display.


I’d like to offer my gratitude to my editor, Kathy Charner, for being such a pleasure to work with—and to everyone at Gryphon House. I’m delighted to be a member of the family! Special thanks to Leah Curry-Rood for her part in bringing me into the clan.

Author Availability

Rae Pica is internationally known for her workshops and presentations on movement’s role in children’s lives and education. To arrange for staff development training, conference workshops, or keynote speeches, contact her through Gryphon House, PO Box 10, Lewisville, NC 27023, or at raepica@movingandlearning.com.

Copyright 2002 © Rae Pica

Reprinted May 2014

Published by Gryphon House, Inc., PO Box 10, Lewisville, NC 27023

800.638.0928 (toll free); 877.638.7576 (fax)

Visit us on the web at www.gryphonhouse.com

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, microfilming, recording, or otherwise, without permission of the publisher. Requests for permission to make copies of any part of the work should be mailed to Gryphon House, Inc.

Illustrations: Kathy Dobbs

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Pica,Rae, 1953-

Teachable transitions: 190 activities to move from morning circle to the end of the day

/ Rae Pica; illustrations, Kathy Dobbs-

p. cm.

Includes index.

ISBN 978-0-87659-281-6

1. Early childhood education-Activity programs. 2. Movement education. 3.

Classroom management I- Title,

LB1139.35.A37P53 2003

372.21--dc21 2002151263

Bulk Purchase

Gryphon House books are available for special premiums and sales promotions as well as for fund-raising use. Special editions or book excerpts also can be created to specification. For details, contact the Director of Marketing at the address above.


Gryphon House, Inc. and the author cannot be held responsible for damage, mishap, or injury incurred during the use of or because of activities in this book. Appropriate and reasonable caution and adult supervision of children involved in activities and corresponding to the age and capability of each child involved, is recommended at all times. Do not leave children unattended at any time. Observe safety and caution at all times.


Teachable Transitions: 190 Activities to Move from Morning Circle to the End of the Day will help you move children from one area of your classroom or school or one time of day to another. The activities, which include games, songs, and chants, are designed to help children learn to bring satisfactory closure to activities, to move easily into and out of group situations, and to hold their attention while waiting for their turn. The activities are so enjoyable that you may find that children look forward to daily transitions. The activities will also help children learn to follow directions from the simple to the complex and concerned with locations, object descriptions, and sequences of actions (Allen & Hart, 1984, p. 104). Because these activities are organized by time of day and many are linked to traditional themes, they can be easily integrated into the curriculum, so they add continuity and more opportunity for learning to the day’s components.

The transitions in this book offer children valuable learning experiences, including the chance to review something experienced previously in the day or week. For example, they can demonstrate that they remember a movement that they learned earlier in the day, or they can move from one situation to another the same way as a character in a favorite book they read earlier.

Many of the activities reinforce popular classroom themes. Activities connected to specific themes have icons that help you locate them at a glance. The activities focus on language arts and music through chants, poems, and songs. In addition, the cooperative group activities build a sense of community and

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