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Mountain Bike Maintenance

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Mountain Bike Maintenance

Longueur: 546 pages4 heures


The bicycle is an amazing contraption. It costs nothing to power, is good for your body and does no harm to the environment. Most importantly however, it can give you the freedom to travel wherever you would like to go. The bicycle has been constantly evolving throughout its history. It has become more efficient, lighter, and stronger; in addition becoming more suited to a wide range of terrain and more accessible to a broad range of users. This book looks briefly at the history of the mountain bike and basic cycling techniques before taking a detailed and in-depth look into how to service, maintain and repair the modern mountain bike, with step-by-step tutorials throughout. Contents include: Tools and equipment; Wheels and tyres; Handlebars, pedals, saddles and headsets; Drivetrain and gears; Brakes and suspension. This detailed and in-depth guide will be of great interest to all offroad cyclists and is fully illustrated with 480 instructional colour photographs.
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