Improving the Performance of Government Employees: A Manager's Guide

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Improving the Performance of Government Employees: A Manager's Guide

Longueur: 268 pages3 heures


In light of an increasingly tumultuous political landscape, the success, efficiency, and performance of government employees and departments is more critical than ever before. With over thirty years of experience working for the federal government, author Stewart Liff shares firsthand knowledge about the key to improving a government team’s performance results: understanding how different management systems perform individually and interact with one another. Improving the Performance of Government Employees helps readers do this by examining the roles and challenges of structural and technical systems, information and decision-making processes, rewards systems, and human capital management to provide managers the necessary blueprint for substantial improvement within every facet of government work. You’ll learn how to deliver consistent messages to all employees, hold others accountable through clear expectations and measurable goals, and work with a strong leadership team to maintain, adjust, and improve all procedures.Including real-world government case studies demonstrating dramatic change, this must-have, inspirational guidebook teaches government leaders to optimize their team’s performance--and provide the best possible service to the public.
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