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How Failure Can Be Your Biggest Success: An Entry to Exit Guide to Creating a Successful Company from Scratch

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How Failure Can Be Your Biggest Success: An Entry to Exit Guide to Creating a Successful Company from Scratch

Longueur: 319 pages5 heures


As a reader of this book. I hope that you will learn how an idea can become a company, how a company can become a burden if not structured correctly, and how a vision for a company can be a horrible thing if you don't have the skills to implement it properly or the personnel with the same passion for success as yourself. Using my personal experiences building a company, I will detail what decisions are necessary to be successful and how to financially structure your company not only to make money but to reduce risk and eliminate the unpredictability of sales cycles. I will share with you how to evaluate sales functions, secure capital, build an operations process, establish your accounting processes, utilize the power of marketing to build your company's presence, and ultimately avoid the pitfalls I made during my company's life cycle. To do this I will walk you through all the mistakes I made while building my company, detailing my biggest concerns and many sleepless nights worried about making payroll, paying interest on credit lines, and stressing over the families of the employees that left jobs to follow me in making my dream of starting a company a reality. I will be straight with you as to what mistakes really cost me money and what I did to overcome them. I am not interested in savvy business language and detailed financials. While they will be integral in helping you successfully run your business and we will discuss them as areas of opportunity, I want to give it to you straight. Businesses don't run on numbers, they run on people. They run on everyday decisions. Financials and analysis are the results of your decisions, not the path to evaluating the future. I want to take you through the pitfalls of the daily items you will deal with as a business owner, which, if not handled correctly, will cause you significant loss, loss you can't afford when you're starting a business from scratch and you have everything on the line.
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