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Mixed Signals

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Mixed Signals

Longueur: 153 pages1 heure


In this anthology, Red Riding Hood gets a makeover to a Malaysian dystopia; the death of a husband spells more than loss; a father confronts foreign invaders; a Goldilocksian home invader must eat to survive; a colleague struggles over mixed signals; train passengers witness an accident, while another guesses a passenger's gender; readers learn the magic of poetry; ghosts cross-dress, and others at a church get nostalgic; an ultra traditional girl reveals what's hidden; a neighbor more than minds a child; a grandmother gets more than an outing in the city; a man cruises in 60s Malaysia; a Chinese stowaway meets a boy or girl; an ancient being gets checked up. 

All these mixed signals make for a refreshing and an atypical debut collection of prose, experimental writings, flash fiction, and short and long stories from Leon Wing

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