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Against the Light

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Against the Light

Longueur: 111 pages1 heure


Mauro Marcantoni’s Against the Light walks us through the lives of blind people; each overcome by the complexities of their lives risen due to their disabilities, each trying to hold on to the relationships they have with the people around them and each hoping to find what meaning they can grasp out of their imparity.

Marcantoni expertly delves into the limitations of being blind and forces the reader to realise the awareness required to become a mature being, to persevere regardless of misfortune. In the world where people appreciate being perfect in every aspect of life, a blind person seems to juggle between multiple emotions, as he is dependent on several people to guide him through his life.

Heart-rending and beautiful, Against the Light grips the readers with an unequivocal realisation of the restraints that can bind a person to be less than who they can be and yet struggle against all odds to be who they want to be.

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