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Developing Your Leadership Competence: Integrating Leader Development Principles & Biblical Perspectives

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Developing Your Leadership Competence: Integrating Leader Development Principles & Biblical Perspectives

Longueur: 338 pages4 heures


Welcome to the World of the 21st Century and beyond, where, leaders have joined the class of the endangered species. Every day, somewhere in the world, a leader is haunted out of office by angry followers. ‘The Leader Must Go,’ has become the clarion call of frustrated followers. The people’s tolerance for unable leaders has become less and less over the years.
Leading people and organizations is a tough challenge for many leaders. The leader is sandwiched between demanding followers on one hand, and, a dynamic global environment where knowledge doubles every year and skills have a half-life of 2.5 to 5 years on the other hand.
To overcome the challenges posed by the highly empowered followership and the dynamic global environment, the leader must continually learn new ways of getting things done through the people. The leader must understand what motivates people, and, be skilled at assessing their capabilities and matching their abilities with appropriate responsibilities. The successful leader of today must inspire and engage his or her people in pursuit of mutually beneficial goals. Above all else, the leader must deliver the expected results. Otherwise, the leader must go, soon or later.
This book seeks to reinforce your efforts as you endeavor to become a better leader. It provides a roadmap to becoming a better leader by developing the ability to deliver the expected results. As you read through you will be able to:
•Find out what you need to know and do, to become a more competent leader,
•Discover how your character draws people to you or repels them, and what you can do to develop it,
•Build a winning strategy by aligning your mission, vision, and goals to your life purpose,
•Assess your emotional intelligence, its impact on your leadership, and how you can use feedback to reinforce your people skills, and
•Identify your default leadership style and know when to use or avoid it.
Leadership is a complex and dynamic process that requires a multifaceted approach. The book is a good starting point for the leader’s personal leadership development journey.

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