Let's Try This!

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Let's Try This!

Longueur: 125 pages38 minutes


This book you are holding is an unusual one that empowers couples to make sound decisions. This is a short collection made for couples-a treasury of sex, money, and relationship wisdom. It offers engaging love notes and can be used as a workbook since it is filled with engaging exercises to complete. As you try each activity, there is a Love Notes page at the close of each section for you to jot down your thoughts and experiences. This book uses an interactive storybook format that is attractive and interesting. It is a concise guidebook that tries to be as informative and suggestive as possible to help you and your spouse build a better relationship. No matter how many times you hear the Message, it is never too much to hear again that by the grace of God, all things are possible. With chapters such as Making Love without Making Love, The Pleasure of Sex, Foreplay, and Temptation, you are encouraged to find ways to explore. Let's Try This!-a creative and sexy approach to ministry.
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