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Hessian John: 19Th Century Railroad Surgeon 1865-1875

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Hessian John: 19Th Century Railroad Surgeon 1865-1875

Longueur: 322 pages4 heures


Continuing from Books I (Hessian John, 19th Century Military Surgeon), Book II (Hessian John, Army Surgeon in the Pioneer West), and Book III (Hessian John, Civil War Military Surgeon), 48-year-old former Mississippi plantation owner, Dr. Johann Walbrecht, in Book IV (Hessian John, 19th-Century Railroad Surgeon) faces harsh Reconstruction-Era land reform policies then turns to serve as a contract surgeon during the Union Pacific Railroad Companys building of the transcontinental railroad where he encounters Arapahos, Sioux, and other Native tribes in the wild Wyoming Territory. During the vibrant post-war decade from 1865 to 1875, the United States grows rapidly westward fueling a rush of European immigrants hungry for land made available by the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroad Companies penetrating the former Indian lands beyond the Missouri River system.

In this fourth of a five-book series, former military surgeon, John continues a mid-life journey though the spectacular and still-wild American West participating in major historical events that continued to influence his life as an experienced and practical pioneer surgeon.
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