Illuminations: A Book of Poetry

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Illuminations: A Book of Poetry

Longueur: 211 pages44 minutes


features topics of nature, religion, and memories. Joseph Shenk Hertzlers
insights into and perspective on everyday occurrences are a clear statement of
his beliefs and faith.

Joseph's deep
religious and spiritual convictions of his Mennonite heritage and pacifism
radiate from his poetry. Many of his poems contain imagery that highlights his
love of gardening and passion for birds.

summoned Joseph to write. His eloquence in combining words to describe and tell
a story was put to use for many years writing sermons, entertaining friends and
family. Poetry gave him freedom to explain his surroundings, experiences and
learnings. During winter months when gardening was put on hold, writing poetry
allowed him an outlet that tantalized and challenged his mind.

The tradition
of Southern storytelling shines through in the Collective Memories and
Remembrances sections. His boyhood along the Warwick River in Virginia and in
central Florida provide material for amusing tales.

poetry illuminates life in its many facets, including death. Illuminations overflows
with his humor, wisdom and incredible insight into the world we all share and
together call home.

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