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Beyond Techniques: the 2012 Shift: Evolving from Lightworker to Light

Beyond Techniques: the 2012 Shift: Evolving from Lightworker to Light

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Beyond Techniques: the 2012 Shift: Evolving from Lightworker to Light

232 pages
2 heures
Mar 3, 2008


Evolving from being a lightworker (energy healer or conscious evolutionary) to simply being light (source energy) is the way of the new human. The year 2012 is fast approaching, and with it an awakening that has already begun to change the planet. Beyond Techniques- The 2012 Shift is the perfect resource for those who are excited about the changes, who are actively seeking ways to connect to this inevitable yet brilliant time. Beyond Techniques empowers seekers through this human consciousness evolution by easing their way past the ego, erasing the scripts written on the subconscious-so full connection to source through the superconscious can occur. This work takes those that are technique bound beyond their need for works to the required place of simply being. It is a guide to becoming and staying in vibration harmony as the earth shifts into 2012. Discover how to anchor your lightbody to become homo luminous, and how to communicate with the language of light! One touch healing and one thought manifesting is our birthright and our very soon reality.

Are you ready?

Mar 3, 2008

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Lisa Marie Gutowski’s teaching style integrates energy healing with easy to understand science into a simple yet profound experience for the spiritual seeker. Her teaching, lectures and workshops have helped raise the consciousness and bring heart centered healing to thousands of people. See her full profile at www.beyondtechniques.net

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Beyond Techniques - Lisa Marie Gutowski


Beyond Techniques: the 2012 Shift

Evolving From Lightworker to Light

Copyright © 2008 by Lisa Marie Gutowski

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About the Author

To those who are consciously evolving, who remember the time when simply being was all there was and suffering was an unknown concept.

Special Thanks

My deepest gratitude and love must go to those who have been my biggest supporters as I trekked the plains of the unknown. The Jedi Council, the band of healers who began as students and ended as masters, I thank you for your honesty, integrity, and generosity. Without you, I surely would have floundered.

Barb, I thank you for you unwavering belief that I am who I say I am at my highest points. I am blessed for the Council, Amy Hosler, Chris Malkowski, Dar-ryl Mundrick and especially Kat Cehand for reading my manuscript, over and over again, and believing in its value. My best friend Andrea, I will always have warm fuzzy love in my heart space for you, thanks for the gift of your friendship. Dear Di—thanks for piecing me back together when my fields evaporated. Thanks be to C.D., one of the most loving and funny people on the planet, for keeping me sane. I have the best soul group community on the planet!

I must give my heartfelt appreciation to Kat Cehand, a genius with the English Language, who helped me piece the finished manuscript together. Kat—you are the absolute best! I am truly blessed.

To Art, my wonderful husband, and to my dear boys Daryll and Kyle—I know you may never read this book, and that's ok.

Finally and with deepest gratitude, I thank all the mirrors who have come into my life from the sea of humanity. I hope you have gleaned as much wisdom from me as I have from you, my great teachers. The Jedi Council: Barbara Thomas, Andrea Sparks, Diana Macnak, Denise Moran, Lynn Chevalier, Sandra Ashley, and Alysson Cesarz. Thanks for letting me be Yoda.


The year 2012 is fast approaching, and with it an awakening. This silent alarm clock has been rousing those who can hear it for decades. There is a shift in the depths of our consciousness, an unexplainable knowing; a connection that simply is now that was not there before. This process is affecting the entirety of planet Earth, changing our lives beyond what we are right now able to know. As the polar opposite energies of love and fear become more apparent, for light shines on the dark places to illuminate what is there, the world seems to rend along with it in an increase of internal peace and external unrest. How will we ever survive in this schismatic, psychotic time?

We have known about this coming of age since humans created time and questioned reality. The wisdom that is needed to understand such a shift of awareness was gifted to a few, misinterpreted by many, and simply ignored by the masses, until now. This alteration of our consciousness is about human evolution, removing the veil that separates us from complete connection to source. It is about raising our vibrational level to match the energies that are morphing all around us, removing resistance so we can effortlessly flow inside these shifting times. In this way we will remember who we truly are, and actually be able to live in this knowledge without being torn apart in the process.

Being the hollowbone, the empty, open cylinder that source moves through, is an attainable achievement. There are a multitude of examples to follow. Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Mother Theresa, Mary, Mohammed, Confucius, Shri Sai Baba has passed physically. Amma and the 14th Dahli Lama are our living examples. Ordinary people every day are moving into a deep knowing of their divinity. By the simple act of reading this book you are creating a space into which the wisdom of the deepest connection can reside.

This book is about flowing within the elevating frequencies as they occur, rather than relaying in depth information about the indigenous people that brought us the information or the scientific discoveries that corroborate the data. There are many fabulous books, videos and websites available for that knowledge, many listed in the bibliography. Here you will discover something more personalized. This book is a revolutionary tool, an in-depth training manual for how to eloquently vibrationally elevate so that merging into the shift, being one with all that is becomes natural. This ability to alter your energetic level solely through intention will keep you always in harmonic resonance with the highest accessible source. Removing the ego shield so that the path to the superconscious connection is consistently clear is our goal.

Mankind at the beginning of all incarnations more than remembered our connection and agreement with the oneness. At that time we knew we were source energy slowed down into physical beings for the purpose of self exploration. Living in divine abundance, grace, health and wisdom, we enjoyed the multitude of blessings that came with simply vibrating on an equal level with source energy, albeit in a denser vehicle. Eventually, this level of awareness no longer served us, as there were many other exciting adventures to embark upon that taught us what we could not learn by living in complete love.

The Dark Ages of man came, the slowing down of our vibration caused by thoughts, emotions and actions that were not in harmony with the highest vibration from source. (For this time, I refer to words such as Universe or source to indicate the highest frequency of energy, that which created all manifested things and gives us life. Such words as Mother/Father/God/Goddess serve as well, being simply connection points for our minds to comprehend something we perceive as vastly larger than ourselves).

The Universe gave us what we vibrationally asked for, literally arranging the cosmos to support our conscious focus. What is focused upon grows, and we were focusing on the negative side of our nature for several centuries. The Earth completes an orbit around the Milky Way Galactic center every 26,000 years¹. After 13,000 of those years the axis (the energetic pole that goes down the middle of the Earth which it rotates upon) points toward the galactic center, creating a feminine energy. For 13,000 years, the axis shifts to point away from the heart center of our galaxy creating the masculine energy. We have been living in the masculine energies for the past 13,000 years. Shifting to the feminine energy will be complete around December 21, 2012, where the connection to source comes from the heart.

When the Earth moved away from the heart center of the galaxy, humans began disconnecting from source in our own hearts. The masculine energies began to take control and we began to have the emotion of fear for the first time in our collective consciousness. Fear produced such disharmony from source that we severed our connection almost entirely. We created this situation by using a magnificently powerful force in the universe—our egos, manifested by our collective human thought and emotions for the purpose of discovering just how dark human nature can truly get.

Those who remained fully cognizant of the oneness, even when the blanket of darkness compromised any awakeness, were called Shamans, healers, the enlightened, the known ones, mystics, seers, saints, lamas, and gurus. Purposefully and with ancient wisdom passed through generations, these wisdom holders kept their vibrations in harmony with source for as long as they could, holding on to the ability of one touch healing and one thought manifesting. Eventually, even those of higher frequency began to slow through the inertia from the vibration the planet was holding at the time. Simply being became doing. We went from being the oneness, to losing our connection to the divine and having to create methods to get back home. Hence, techniques were formed by our wise ones, rituals and whole systems created, simply to be in divine connection and wellness once more.

In the 20th century, the stirring from our superconsciousness (full connection to source) began to be recognized by the so-called civilized populace, who now embraced the knowledge instead of burning it at the stake. Mediums, psychics, healers and quantum physicists came into alignment, and began raising the vibration of the planet by understanding what energy is at its minutest level and how to tap into it for deeper knowing. With this conscious awareness and use, which is called focus or intention, humans were able to make giant leaps in the awakening process. This time we are focusing on connectivity, and finding our way back home.

Evolution has been accelerating exponentially since the Universe was created. Each major shift advances from the previous generations discoveries—we double our knowledge base practically every two years now². Even the tangible bits in the void we call space are speeding away from each other through the dark matter and from the universal center, evolving our universe in a spectacular slow dance of creation. Humans are evolving into a higher bioenergetic form, removing the denseness to be filled with higher vibrational light energy, for a very specific purpose.

We know scientifically that the faster and higher a frequency vibrates (how many times it makes a wave pattern in a specific time frame), the more information it can hold. For instance, a low frequency AM radio station can only transmit so much power through its channels. Most of the time the sound quality lacks depth and if a car is cut off from the signal (goes under a bridge) it stops receiving the information. The faster, higher frequencies of the FM stations are clearer, louder and can't be cut off so easily.

Technology has advanced so far in that we now have incredibly high quality methods for sending information quickly around the globe, and from the Earth to outer space. Fiber optic cables are made of glass wires thinner than a human hair but transmit more information than a 1" copper cable³. The fiber optics can conduct higher frequencies due to their components and construction, with zero interference, whereas the copper cables are dense in frequency. Before we begin doing the clearing work necessary for enlightenment, we are like the copper wires. Thick with layers of our personal ego energy, built upon through many lifetimes, doing our best to have a life wrapped up in a bulky egoic comforter. Once we begin to clear away the need for the protection, we become lighter, freer, and become like fiber optic wires.

So, connection to source is simply a matter of upgrading our energetic wirings and removing the trapped static energy within our bioenergetic fields so the higher frequencies can flow. When we chose to live in a slower, denser vibration (through life style choices or unawareness), our knowledge is limited because we do not have the capability of gathering the higher wisdom that comes through the faster channels. As we lift our vibrations, we are able to connect to source in a way that we can not only hear but completely understand the message. We become better receivers, enabled conduits and a perfect match to source energy. We are moving from lightworker (copper cables) to light beings (fiber optics).

We have now regained the ability to once again tap into source for full disclosure. An ancient paradigm is being reborn in the 21st Century, one that states we are source energy, that we have never been separated, that techniques are to be used like training wheels until we have grown into our full remembrance. And, we are being upgraded in every layer of our being to store this higher wisdom so that future generations can use us as a spring board into an even greater connection.

The year 2012—the end of the Mayan calendar and some say the world as we live it. Known intuitively by all sentient beings, the shift of the ages is finally recognizable by the majority of the awakened. The sleep-living are, well, snoozing away still, yet the clock has been ticking, and our time for complete reconnection is upon us regardless of the comatose nature of our fellow travelers. Our planetary frequency is increasing, just as it slowed, by collective human effort and planetary alignments, removing the dense, slow moving fear energy from our beings. We have the opportunity to synchronize with the new wave of extraordinary energies, or stay asleep to suffer the disconnection. The choice is, as it always has been, ours.

If you learn only methods you'll be forever tied to those method's, however if you learn the principles behind these methods you'll be free to devise your own [methods]

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Moving from being a Lightworker, someone who takes on the job of transmuting energy for a single person, group or the planet, to simply being light is what we are required to achieve now. Those who were aware of the changes, who have been working with energy to consciously raise the vibrations and heal humanity, were the light-workers—we worked for everything we achieved. Light holders or bearers were the next generation, those who could generate and for a time shine the light for others, holding the space for the healing to occur. We are no longer light-workers nor are we merely light holders; we have evolved into front runners of the new earth, like ice breakers in the arctic, cracking the solid to create the flow that will carry us into simply being light at all times.

Becoming keenly aware that the old paradigms of

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