The Dramatic Legacy of Dorothy Davis and Violet Walters: The Montreal Children's Theatre, 1933-2009

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The Dramatic Legacy of Dorothy Davis and Violet Walters: The Montreal Children's Theatre, 1933-2009

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It was 1933 in the midst of the Great Depression. Montrealers, like their counterparts in other countries, were inundated with financial burdens. Uppermost in most parents minds was the task of supporting their families. Dance lessons, music lessons, drama lessons were considered in many quarters as frills. This pervasive mood did not daunt two young women, Dorothy Davis and Violet Walters, from initiating their mission. Instead, it spurred them on. Difficult times , they believed, were all the more reason to inspire children through the love of the arts, in this case drama and theatre
Muriel Gold tells the story of these two dynamic women through innumerable anecdotes, often hilarious, sometimes moving, but always a compelling and fascinating read. A former student and teacher at the School she recreates the magic of past childrens theatre productions, cites the monologues, the poems, the voice exercises vividly recalled by the children they nurtured over a period of close to 60 years.
They brought me out of my shell.
Hana Gartner, well-known national broadcaster
The joy and the laughter, the tears and the catharsis and the love that these two women gave to all of us, is something that lives on. Judy Siblin, journalist
My first meeting with Dorothy and Violet when I was eight years old, was one of fascination. Having just returned from three years in England. I thought these two charming ladies must be related to the Queen - their English was so polished. Clare Shapiro, artistic director, Imago Theatre.
The Montreal Childrens Theatre probably had a bigger influence on my life than any educational facility...I was madly in love with Violet Walters...She bore a striking resemblance... to some of the silent-screen stars. William Shatner, Hollywood star
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