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Drugs and Your Teen: All You Need to Know About Drugs to Protect Your Loved Ones

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Drugs and Your Teen: All You Need to Know About Drugs to Protect Your Loved Ones

Longueur: 490 pages4 heures


Are you worried that your teen might be trying drugs and alcohol? Are you afraid that their future will be destroyed, along with your family and your finances? Do you know how to determine if they are using drugs or alcoholand what you should do if they are?

Drugs and Your Teen offers a quick, easy-to-read, comprehensive guide that provides answersall the information you need to know for dealing with your kids and drugs. It offers step-by-step instructions in determining whether your child is experimenting, using, or abusing legal and illegal substances, including prescription medications, inhalants, alcohol, and street drugs. Youll review symptoms of use and addiction, and be able to identify pushers and dealers, as well as what sources and what risk factors could pull your child into the addiction hell. Youll also begin to understand the stages of manipulation and abuse your child may be going through.

Learn the responsibilities you bear as parents or guardians; read the methods for testing your children in the privacy of your home; and study the information on prevention of substance abuse and providing treatment. You are not just saving the life of your child; you are protecting the worlds future leaders. Be there for your loved ones; let Drugs and Your Teen help you stand and face your kids and their problems, along with finding a solution through the use of this book.
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