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Parenting - Life Without Parole: Surviving Your Child's Addiction

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Parenting - Life Without Parole: Surviving Your Child's Addiction

Longueur: 555 pages9 heures


The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that there are 14 million Americans who use illegal drugs and perhaps 17 million Americans who are alcoholics or abuse alcohol. Shrapnel from each abusers actions impact the lives of countless family members, friends, and acquaintances significantly raising the toll attributable to this national crisis.

While there are a variety of programs geared to addressing the needs of the abuser and getting them on the road to recovery, too often the family and friends are left to fend for themselves. Parenting-Life Without Parole provides both a practical and Christian based perspective on how those impacted by the abusers choices can learn to cope with the multitude of challenges they are facing.

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