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White Darkness the Financial Apocalypse

White Darkness the Financial Apocalypse

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White Darkness the Financial Apocalypse

381 pages
5 heures
Jul 15, 2005


Democracy, in its true sense, is in trouble. Ironically, it is being threatened by the very voices that push it most. Supposedly Fascism was stopped with the defeat of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Franco''s Spain, Salazar''s Portugal, Papadopoulos Greece, Pinochet''s Chile and Suharto''s Indonesia. How has America lined itself up with these regimes? The commonality that links them is a protofascist model that link them are recognizable patterns of national behavior.

I am chilled when I see the patterns that clearly indicate a merger of corporate and governmental policies. True it is a thin line between these two just as there is between love and hate. These are scary times and it is not just the external terrorists that strike forbodance in my heart. We have internal terrorist within our on borders in our government. They are just not as obvious to the American people.

The commonality that links contemporary American culture to Fascism is the recognizable patterns of national behavior. The patterns are (A) Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism (B) Disdain for the importance of human rights such as equality issues ongoing with minorities and inadequate health care and a failing social security system (C) Identification of enemies / Scapegoats, such as terrorists and weapons of mass destruction, as a unifying cause (D) The supremacy of the military and the profits from developing war machines (E) Rampant sexism such as the homophobic client emerging in America against gays (F) Controlled mass media by the wealthy elite (G) Obsession with national security (H) Religion and ruling elite tied together (I) Powerful corporations protected (J) Power of labor suppressed through unemployment (K) Disdain and suppression of intellectuals (Liberals) and the arts (L) Obsession with crime and punishment (M) Rampant cronyism and corruption (N) Lastly, fraudulent elections.

Jul 15, 2005

À propos de l'auteur

The author was born in a small Georgia town. He majored in Political Science at Georgia State University. His heroes are Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Bono and my mother Carolyn McGill Holmes. I am an ambidextrous tennis player. Courage and wisdom are my most cherished attributes. I have always spoken out against injustice in our society. I set out to shed light on the problems that seems to be unending in the world. Mostly I find that people are afraid to see what truly is. They put selfish worldly desires before truths and once they learn this weakness they easily manipulated by the powers that be. It is my desire to be a bell of intelligence that will awaken the people to evils in their own back yards. This is my second book. My first book was "Entanglements, Conflicts and Distortions of Love." It is a very intimate account of my struggles to find myself in a maze of confusion. Politics calls to me. So, here is "White Darkness the Financial Apocalypse."  It looks truly into our darkside.

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White Darkness the Financial Apocalypse - Jefferey Trent McGill






What is the True Source of Discord and Unrest in the World?


Motivations of Money over Democracy


The Outcome of the Murders of JFK and MLK


The House of Rothschild


The Illuminati Question!


A Perspective on the Evolution of the Banking Cabal


The Whole BloodyBanking Business


Bankers Having Their Waywith Congress


The Bankruptcy of theUnited States


The Secret Weapon




Presidents Corroboration with the


Billions for Bankers—

Debt for the People


Billions in Interest Owedto Private Banks


Problems of Money CreatedDebt on the Horizon


Lost Souls in a FinancialBlack Hole


America Daunted for theLove of Money


The New World Order is True Blues for the Poor


Dangerous Times for Blacks


The History of theDevelopment of AIDS


Why are Heroes Born of War?


The Failure of Blacks


Smoke Screens to Keep the Average Person in the Dark


A Divided Social Orderin America


From a Black Perspective: The True Essence of Conservatism


Deconstruction of the Black Mind in America


Advancing Beyond Racism


Choosing the Lesser Evil


Supreme Court: Jurisprudence Compliance with Injustice in America


Supreme Court Purveyors of Failed Democracy,


Conservatives Presidents Influence of Supreme Court


God is Love


Breaking the Cycle of Samsara


Closing Statement

About the Author


For the love of money is the root to all evil: which while some covet after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

I Timothy 6:10

I may not be as honored, in this materialistic society, as another whose financial fortuity is excessive on the spectrum of material property. Idolatry of the non-spiritual and insignificant mundane speaks volumes to lack of true commitment to ideas of divinity by our nation. I am a good man, however delayed from destiny by a life of poverty, true to my strengths, I withstand the wicked politics of life in America. Honed through the minimalism of being at the bottom of the social ladder, my spirit accepts the challenge of announcing the decadence of a potentially good society gone wrong.

Jeff McGill

Facts or Fiction

CITIZENS OF THE world, lend me your minds. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones; so let it be with Caesar. The greatest devastation is upon the uneducated and impoverished people of the world in the form of a silent weapon used by the financial elite of industrial nations to undermine our Constitution and the will of people. We are a people who seek honest leadership from those, hopefully, that are above greed who strive to preserve freedom born of blind justice.

We seek leaders who are aware of the secret weapons of the elite ruling class which will ultimately fail to settle the enduring war between Jewish people and those of Muslim faith; who are aware of a secret weapon which will purposefully cause efforts to fall short in uniting the different races; who are aware of a silent secret weapon, which in its very design, will perpetuate falling short, every time, in bridging the wealth gap between the rich and the poor; a leader who is aware of secret political weapons that have objectives to fail reconciliation of the enmity between heterosexuals and homosexuals; leaders who are aware of a silent secret weapon designed, by the elite class, to ultimately thwart individuals who are truly looking for spirituality and freedom from the cloak and daggers of greedy financial leaders directing the Federal Reserve Bank who use their excessive wealth to dictate the governmental policies of leading industrial nations.

More and more today, everywhere around the world, many lives are in moral disarray as everyone from bankers, politicians, religious leaders to the average citizen rush to accumulate wealth and build legacies of wealth and power through murderous wars and murder through bio-terrorism and thereby forsaking the spirituality of the multitudes of people in societies all round the world and inhibiting their ability to co-exist peacefully.

We have a world of people influenced by one religious persuasion or another who contradict their peaceful goals and their relationship with their God by succumbing totally to morale insensitivity that leads to lifestyles obsessed with wealth. Weak spiritual leadership occuppied by obsession of wealth and power are the reasons that people’s sons and daughter, from every country, are constantly at each other’s throats in war. We have social and political leaders, in the so-called 1st World Nations, practicing genocide in various forms. If not outright genocide from war, genocide-inducing politics are in effect silently and covertly killing off those considered expendable economically and socially. The media never breach this activity yet conform to dividing the people politically with trickle down economics tactics.

Economic genocide is the weapon of choice in the United States for ethnic cleansing. The Conservatives and Liberals, ignorantly, focus on petty politics while the wealthy elite rob us blind through price increases at the gas pumps to unjust prosecution of bloody oil wars. Politicians are entangled in tainted money-based politics and do very little to level an economic playing field that has been slanted towards preserving the many tax havens for the financial elite. To be called liberal is a bad name because you are slowing down the economic train of genocide. Just as the train took Jews to the death camp at Auschwitz, there is a train hauling away an economically deprived class of people to extinction, namely liberal minded and oppressed black males carrying torches for past and present ethical transgressions of white males who are motivated by greed.

There are no smoke stacks from bodies being burned, as there were in Auschwitz, but the carnage left from disproportionate incarceration of black males, unequal distribution of wealth, disenfranchising majoritarian politics, disparate educational opportunities and the AIDS virus, which some believe was created in U.S. labs to kill those of African decent. This carnage betrays a smoking gun of genocide and the slow process of eradicating undesirable males, either homosexual or black. There are others in the world that loathe the U.S. for well disguised idea of neo-imperialism and who do not appreciate the covert manipulation of weak governments to secure Anglo-Saxon dominance in the world at any cost.

Many who are short-sighted and uninformed should stop bashing the victims of economic genocide and call a spade a spade. When you are wealthy it is easy to pontificate to the poor to take responsibility for not measuring up in a country with a legacy of financial and educational racism, from our nation’s birth to the current date in time. The problem has always emanated from the top financial brokers in society. Today, it is the wealthy investors at the Federal Reserve Banks calling the shots that leads to inadequate income in poor person’s households.

Many blacks seeking inclusion to the ranks of greed are rushing to the conservative ranks. They may cower and point to religious faith as the reason. In America, it is always about the bottom line, which is money. If there is a chance to make more of it, whether it means becoming conservative or trying to do the will of their God, people are always motivated by securing the almighty dollar. Those with money consider wealth to be a blessing. It is not a good position to have excessive wealth while someone is dieing of need.

The Bible states that it is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. Why is it that conservative fight so tenaciously to prevent abortion and on the other hand go out their way not to allow social programs to help the poor babies that do make it into the world? This convinces me that their religious convictions are hollow and political conservative politics is about money and race dominance.

I have little respect for humanity’s collectively weak soul in light of the way societies have unfolded spiritually. Men and women are spiritually weaker today then in any other time in human history. They convince themselves that they are blessed because they have acquired many material possessions, college degrees and inordinate wealth (Bankers and those who serve their will). We are all caught up in a menagerie of self deception whether it is our sexuality, politics, religious convictions or obsession with wealth. If there is a hell below we are all going to go. People, continue to live for this world, continue to discriminate against those with different sexual orientations, continue to erect your gated communities, continue to hate another for his skin color, continue to hate another for his religious convictions, continue to take by force from another who is incapable of resisting, continue to support a government that is a puppet to rich bankers, continue practicing hatred and divisiveness with your television talk shows, continue to ignore the policies of the Federal Reserve Bank and your hell will continue to be right here on earth.

Open your minds to the financial Apocalypse unfolding right before your children’s eyes. When big brother speaks to you, through conservative or liberal politics founded on racism and bigotry, realize that the Bankers wants you divided and at each others throats. This is their Secret Weapon.

Before Putting This Book Down,

Please Read Chapter 11 (The Secret Weapon)

Thank you.



When loving with human love one may pass from love to hatred, but divine love cannot change. No, neither death nor anything else can destroy it. It is the very essence of the soul.

Tolstoy, War and Peace, XI, 32

EACH MORNING, I awaken to the rush of life-sustaining air moving in and out of my lungs and to the movements of my chest rising and falling. I feel the rhythmic cadence of my heart muscles and the forceful flow of blood within the walls of my veins and arteries carrying precious life giving fluids to my vital organs. I think, What a great miracle it is to experience the building blocks of hope, which is the shear force of life itself.

Feeling invigorated and anew in the early morning, I say to myself, I am greater than the limitations that are created by the minds of evil and deceitful men; greater than the physical limitations placed on one who is of the disadvantaged class of citizens; and I am smart enough to see beyond the selfish vision of a New World Order by an international banking cabal whose primary objective is to preserve a privileged Elite Class dominated by white males. I am greater than the outcome of philosophies that I refer to as White Darkness, which obscures the warm light of freedom. A darkness which relegates truth to the cold shadows of economic oppressive agendas based on greed rather than love, justice and equality.

All at once, I think of God and of all humankind. I think of all struggling creatures, great and small. My mind measures the tremendous oppressive forces of life weighing heavily upon each form of life locked in its daily struggle of survival. With each breath of oxygen, fueling my thought processes, I envision all that is good and all that is sinful in the world.

Analogous to a clean slate that begins each new day, like an easy wind, the light of dawn hurries in a new visions of a world composed of people with real feelings that love and care beyond the bottom line of money and interacts with each other spiritually beyond what can be gained financially.

The people need new insight on problem resolution that will serve as healing elements to the current broken political processes and the many intricate malevolent economic practices instrumental in destroying paradigms of harmony among the world’s populations. Arising to dawn’s early light each day, we find ourselves continually encountering dilemmas, which we are to discern the diametrically opposed perspectives of avarice versus temperance and evil versus the good.

It should be a welcomed challenge, for each individual to seek courageous gifts of expressions from deep within that guides us individually to seek profound and purposeful commitments which will contribute to leveling the economic playing field and come up with solutions beyond economic enslavement of overbearing capitalists.

Political leaders that are influenced and directed by the power of wealthy bankers use syndicated communications media networks to misinform the people. The syndicated networks rarely speak about how America is being robbed blind by an international banking cartel. Many of our elected politicians are instrumental in misleading the masses into a cult-like reverence of money. They speak of trillion dollar deficits while they deliver our resources and products to those controlling our lives and money supply through credit debt.

The financial banking elite’s objectives of controlling governments through enslaving its people to debt around the world are the greatest challenge that greets our sleepy minds each day. It is vital that we see through the vice of greed and through the media’s political propaganda if we are to attain a truly moral and just society.

The greatest nightmare for the commoner comes to fruition when he/she accepts the same shortcomings as the elite class, which is accepting political membership to organizations that advocates turning away from the poor and the uneducated. It is status quo for many of our politicians to corroborate with wealthy bankers and assist in the banker’s scheme of paying only lip service to true democratic principles. This is tainted Democracy at its worst.

The end result of the banker’s policies is excessive taxation through means of inflation; loss of billions through tax loopholes for corporate empires; and enslaving the people through money created debt that pays billions to wealthy bankers through unnecessary interest payment for the paper money loaned to our government, which is not backed by gold or silver. Our Treasury Department could create the same paper currency and eliminate the interest paid to the banking cabal. Instead, in the greatest nation in the world, the majority of the people have inadequate or no health care services. Education, which should be the defining stanza of a society of people who stand together as one, only comes at a premium that most people cannot afford. The people’s taxes, instead, goes to the private investors controlling the Federal Reserve Bank.

Why does our government allow the Feds to create money from nothing and then charge the tax payers interest on fiat dollars? Many of our political leaders are simply weak and not fit to serve the needs of the people because they are looking out for their own needs. It is sad to say, the state of everyone for his/her self is truly what life in America has come to.

The majorities of our political leaders stand back and permit the wealthy bankers to acquire control of the nation’s land and misappropriate the resources of the American people. Our tax dollars are used to pay interest on loans of paper money from the Feds to the government. The Feds then take our land and resources as collateral for paper money that it cost them nothing to make. Every dollar that is created is debt related with a heavy collateral bounty for the Feds, which essentially leads to bankers owning everything having only printed worthless paper notes not backed by gold or silver.

The only people with gold these days are the super rich. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is one of twelve regional Reserve Banks in the Federal Reserve System. Its claim to fame is the enormous gold reserves, which lay five floors (80 feet) beneath the city streets. The bank began receiving its gold during the World Wars when foreign countries wanted their gold reserves safely away from European turmoil.

Interestingly, only two percent of the 9,000 tons of gold the Federal Reserve Bank of New York stores belongs to the United States. There are 63 account holders here, 49 of which are countries; the rest belong to international organizations. The amount of gold used to be larger. In 1978, the bank held one million bars of gold; today, it stores about 700,000. Still, this amounts to an impressive cache worth approximately $116 billion. If the stock market crashed today and we came upon another great depression, the banker’s families will be well provided for with their stash of gold. Your family and my family they are expendable much like the sons and daughters of the poor that die in combats that help the bankers secure even more gold. What do we have to show for our blind obedience to their financial objectives? We have stressful jobs that do not pay nearly enough to keep up with inflated prices of homes, gas, cars, groceries and the cost to educate our children. Many Americans do not see it but we are in an economic feudal system that is slowly eroding away our rights of self-determination.

The wealthy bankers controlling the Federal Reserve owns the companies that produce war weaponry and those companies like Halliburton who builds and maintain oil refineries. The American public is bankrolling the theft of third world resources through the Federal Reserve Bank and wonders why the rest of the world is turning away from our government’s imperial policies! Wake up America! This is why there are enemies out there who want to kill you; this is why you are hated.

This unconstitutional arrangement between the Congress and wealthy bankers insures continual robbery of the American people and a perpetual legacy of usury by an elite few. It is inevitable with the trend of lower wages of the underclass that the gap between the wealthy and the poor will only grow wider. This is a blight that has become a crippling malignancy for a once great nation.

The new American lifestyle of consumerism is free falling out of control and has become a catalyst to the development of mindless materially oriented and morally unstable citizens who are completely oblivious to the financial deception practiced by international bankers in collusion with heads of government of Western societies. Yes, America we have become mindless and, in many ways, artificial people concerned more with plastic surgery and masking our insecurities than facing reality and stepping up to the challenge of disarming the powers of the Feds. In this process of leading superficial lives, we allow elected officials to undermine our principled democratic foundation based on honor, integrity and dignity.

It is truly sad that, through the goal of our banking power brokers, our nation has evolved into a place where people feel as though money is the panacea for their spiritual ineptness. Even our religious missions have become multi-billion dollar industries that are primarily concern with demonstrations of wealth and power instead of saving souls. Our ministers exploit the spiritually inept. Lost in monetary decadence, people everywhere feel that there is something going on that is just not right, which they cannot put their finger on. Our politicians and clergies are either reluctant to ruin a good financial outcome for themselves or they are afraid to take on the powerful international banking conglomerate. The politicians and clergy stand to gain vast sums of wealth from a nation of lost and desperate people being sucked dry by leaders with characteristics of leeches.

Political and Banking leaders lead lives of deception depriving the people of their wealth, rights, liberties, and deprive individuals of a chance to develop an honorable and peaceful life. It is truly amazing that we are brainwashed to worship Presidents who permit this vice to exist. The Presidents of each Party appear to be in the pockets of the bankers. Our weak Presidents are hailed as heroes with lavish funeral ceremonies after living corrupt lives in bed with the international banking cabal.

Some of America’s biggest moral violators are among the Presidential ranks. The current President George Bush is the bottom of the barrel of those Presidents in collusion with the wealthy bankers. The elite bankrolled President Bush’s campaign and have received control of Iraq’s oil for its efforts. The elite control media, no doubt, will attempt to establish in the minds of the American people that Bush did great things in the name of freedom. The truth of the matter is, like the Presidents before him with the exception of John F. Kennedy, George Bush only made more money for the rich, while the average American’s wages have been reduced to inadequate sums. Where does the immorality of greed ends?

JFK was the last President that stood up against the Banking Cabal and he was dealt with swiftly. This has become the signature characteristic of success in America’s contemporary leaders. Coddle up to the rich, screw and murder the poor, take over the sovereign right of third world nations and gobble up their resources via senseless wars, which creates massive federal debt. When these, so-called, leaders die, the media propagandize them as public servant when in reality they were puppets of the elite banking class. Our politicians life’s work have centered around a systematic rape, pillage, and plunder of defenseless people of leading industrial nations as well as those in Third World Societies. Our elected official’s missions, whether they are aware or not, is to enrich an already privileged existence of wealth for the banking establishment, while turning away from the troubled and, in the banker’s minds, downtrodden undeserving poor.

To derail this trend of establishing false virtues and false heroes, each American is tasked with beginning their lives anew each morning with a promise, to self, that each moments of their lives will be spent in search of profound purpose and living in the spirit of compassion as an obsession to separate the wheat of love from the shaft of hatred. In this case the banker’s control over their tax dollars.

Hopefully, collectively we can start with prayers and hopes that lead to actualization of a world changing collective genius born of courage, which to this very day has not blossomed in American political leadership; nor in our collective souls; and nor in our spiritually starved society. The transformation has to begin within each individual first.

Each of us should seek to filter out superfluous material desires from the pure goodness of God’s warm and loving essence. The love can be found in each of us if we look deep enough inside beneath all the clamoring for status and selfish desires of the material realm of our life. It comes down to the pedigree of our souls. Are we material fluff or truly spiritual creatures? I think the world see Americans as materialists who only pay lip service to worshipping God. The native Indians said it best that the white man speak with forked tongue! In this case, white leaders in positions of power speak with forked tongues.

As each sensorial phenomenon passes through each of our mind’s filters, it is vital that we separate principled virtues from habits of vice. For good to take root throughout humanity, each person must educate themselves beyond the brainwashing mechanism of the news media, which is designed to keep the masses or our group- mind in the dark and in conflict against each other for distortion’s sake.

We must not permit evil to pass through the filters of our mind back out into the world by words or actions. Evil that is oriented from selfish short-term concerns of material gratification should not pass from our minds into life at the expense of enlightenment and spiritual growth. The wealthy bankers depend on our weaknesses of the flesh to subdue us. It is imperative that the American people and all people of all nations not live up to the banker’s perception of weakness in the people.

America’s media proudly present to its people the concept of success proportionate to material wealth. That we have so much stuff and the potential to make money to acquire more stuff has become the defining stanza of American values. It is truly sad that Americans are being brainwashed to accept such moral weakness as a measure of success.

America is no longer a great nation because no longer is it by the people or for the people. We have traded our rights to greatness for stuff. Political leaders are lost in vice and citizens are mesmerized by greed and material acquisitions. Such spiritual shortcomings prevent the citizens of western nations from to coming together to establish virtuous societies. People joyfully living, working, and dieing side by side for a common cause is the true signature of great society and a cohesive world. No matter how you slice it, America is not that society. It is clear that this has never truly been an objective of the bigots that run this country.

In Edward Bernays’ book of Propaganda, he stated:

If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it. The conscious and the intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic societies. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.

Hollywood constantly bombards the American public with images of lavish homes, beautiful women, handsome men, and the life of leisure. America values and virtues are manipulated 24/7. Many fail to grasp the reality of what is really happening in the real world everyday and it is the norm to not care or just blindly follow others mesmerized by fantasy like lost sheep. The temptations are a tremendous challenge, but there is precedence for us in reacting to this bold challenge of not feeling good about who you are unless you are materially well off.

Jesus passed this test when tempted by the Devil in the desert. Jesus refused to perform acts of worship for the Devil. The Devil offered Jesus untold fortunes and kingdoms for a simple act of worship. Jesus refused stating that he was not of this world and that our Lord’s Kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36), and thus to accept the kingdoms of this world would have been to have rejected God’s kingdom. Jesus refusal to fall down before Satan was, among other things, a declaration of war. Satan was an arch enemy. Who are those behind the curtain pulling the lever of war and social division? This is one important example of the Bible that very few readers think of when thinking of the banking cartel and what they ask us to do for the love of money. Prayers, backed by actions, will cleanse the residue of evils from our mind’s clogged filters. Once our mental filters have been unclogged, only then will the brilliance of humanity’s best potential light the world.

We should stop accepting the make believe heroes from the movie studios of Hollywood and those inveigled into fighting and dieing in senseless wars that are created to protect the assets of a selfish and rich consortium of bankers. These are not the heroes we truly need. We need heroes who intellectually understand that those selfish leaders in our own government, motivated by accumulating more wealth for the already super rich, are conducting the greatest acts of terrorism on our human dignity and they are within our own boundaries within our own governments deceptively shuffling policies of greed.

I am terrorized everyday awakening to wide scale unemployment; little prospects of working; escalating inflation; seeing young kids in trouble with hope for change diminishing more and more on a daily basis. We need real life heroes who realize the importance of blowing away the smoke screen of racism and bigotry that keeps us divided so we will not realize the face of the real enemy to the American people and the world. We need heroes who are no longer willing to sacrifice their lives for $7.25 an hour because our government does not think education should be free and available to more than just the kids of privilege. We need heroes

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