Reminiscent of a Familiar Face: A Conversation Worth Having

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Reminiscent of a Familiar Face: A Conversation Worth Having

Longueur: 182 pages2 heures


Throughout the book, you will find that no topics are off-limits, as Walker discusses racism, pop culture, religious dependence, controversial sports figures, the n-word, hip hop, womens issues, and other topics that have been swept under the rug for so long. With such debatable issues featured, Walker offers in-depth interviews with persons of high credential and/or experience to contribute to the books legitimacy through a Conversation For Clarity. Several persons include Darryl Hunt, Terrie M. Williams, Dr. Peter Salovey, Nikki Giovanni, and others that will prove influential to this books credibility. Reminiscent of a Familiar Face will illustrate to the present generation, and those past, of the necessary resilience that one must possess in order to transition from merely talking about solutions to actually contributing to the change they want to see.
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