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Burn Out or Lift Off: A step-by-step guide to a strategy for leadership

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Burn Out or Lift Off: A step-by-step guide to a strategy for leadership

Longueur: 103 pages1 heure


Dr Patricia Weslake- Evans is a leadership facilitator, supporting organisations to continuously reflect on their leadership requirements, drawing together leadership teams at all levels, to improve performance. With a team of four, Patricia has produced an experienced and well-considered reflection on the leadership debate, its limitations and suggests a way forward through the TOPS Winning Leadership Approach. 'I see skills gaps in every organisation and sector I deal with: there are noticeable trends. Management not leadership is the norm, process without culture the overriding driver. The pace of life imposed on us in an immature technological society is inhibiting leadership reflection.' Who then will be the leaders of the future? Will we continuously be individuals trying to fit a current, reinvented leadership model? Why do we need to work differently? 'I believe we have a national, albeit global crisis, which should be balanced by a different people-orientated approach to leadership.' The TOPS approach encourages leadership teams to work leadership out for themselves and ensures that the real impact of their leadership is found in the workplace to secure work and vision for future generations. This is a practical, challenging book for executives who want to raise the benchmark for themselves, their team and their organisation. It is designed to stimulate thought with meaningful questions, rather than give answers. It will certainly create waves in a still pond.
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