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Ray Denton has a “reputation,” as some Indy car owners like to express it. He has the temperament of a tarantula and the tact of a tornado, and he seldom tries to mitigate either one. On the other hand, his on-again-off-again fiancé, Sharon Firestone (no, not that Firestone), hates racing and would like nothing better than to see his career come to a close. In trying to achieve balance in their lives, they face challenges that cannot be resolved with air pressure changes or wing adjustments.
A new opportunity seems to be the answer. A former employer needs Denton back in the driver’s seat, but it’s not what he expects. Neither will it overcome Sharon’s dread of the dangers imposed by insane speeds on race tracks.
How they deal with the ups and downs of life together is as intriguing as the suspense and uncertainties of racing itself.

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