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The Leadership Gene: Discover the Force Within You to Lead that Perhaps You Never Thought was Lying Dormant for so Long

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The Leadership Gene: Discover the Force Within You to Lead that Perhaps You Never Thought was Lying Dormant for so Long

Longueur: 139 pages2 heures


Within every human being, there is a powerful force that lies dormant until it is brought out by something or someone. I call this force the leadership gene.

Every human being has a primal instinct to survive and flourish from the moment they are born until the moment they choose to do something or not with that instinct.


"What a superbly distinguishing contribution this volume is to the literature on leadership! The book "The Leadership Gene" by John DiCicco is a modern-day classic of extraordinary quality and validity. The content and style of the book is on the cutting edge of leadership development, both in theory and practice.

"I enthusiastically recommend this book for in service and preservice leadership training programs. Leaders in corporate and public service organizations, as well as universities would find this book to be a most valuable and significant tool at all levels of the leadership training spectrum. It is a powerful book indeed!" —Robert L. Heichberger, PhD, award-winning author, distinguished professor-director emeritus of leadership, SUNY Fredonia and Capella University

"Some say leadership cannot be learned. John DiCicco’s approach in this wonderful new book suggests we can all be better people first and ultimately achieve leadership success. He presents a winning formula for people in all walks of life." —Jordan Rich, Chart Productions, Inc. WBZ Radio

"I enjoy the story telling style the author uses to help us all find our own Leadership Gene. It makes it easy for me to understand the message which is we all have leadership capability. It may be seen by others around us first, but in order for us to find our own, we must be willing to make changes, accept and understand them. This book will help you do that. Happy reading." —Patricia M. Comeau, Human Resources Reebok International Ltd.

"In my profession it is important to be disciplined, dedicated to your craft and most of all goal oriented. At the end of each chapter John presents us with leadership lessons designed to help us continuously develop ways to improve our leadership skills. His book over and over again emphasizes the fact that leaders never stop learning and there is always room to grow." —Peter Rappoli, MS, CCS, CSCS, Owner of Elite Health and Fitness Center

“The ilk of a true leader denotes that he/she is strong, determined and humble; always willing to learn from all sources. As well, a leader at ties must have the ability to show empathy, sympathy, care and respect. That being said, I appreciate professor DiCicco’s visionary work as it provides knowledge and brilliant insight on developing the leader within you.” —William G. Gross, Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief

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