Cars I Loved and Lost

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Cars I Loved and Lost

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John Reddie was just twelve years old when his mother bought him his first car. It was a 1935 Plymouth rumble-seat coupe and cost just $15. This was the beginning of his lifelong love of and fascination with vintage American cars.

In this memoir, Reddie gives a glimpse of his life as he reflects on all of the cars hes owned and all of the cars he could have owned. From the misadventures to the successes, Cars I Loved and Lost narrates a trip down memory lanefrom the first car that actually ran to the first car he actually drove. With a few repair tips included, Reddies story recalls fond memories through the lens of the automobile.

Apparently I am not alone in my fondness for these gems. People invest considerable time and money into these cars, and why? Well, maybe they share my appreciation for them, in other words; they too grew up with these automobiles. They remind us of a different time, back when we were younger and carefree, when our biggest worry was having enough gasoline to get around for a day or so, even though it cost twenty five cents a gallon.

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