Between the Lines

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Between the Lines

Longueur: 56 pages12 minutes


After experiencing the magic of "Between the Lines," life becomes more than a four-lettered word. This spirited collection of poetry exposes lifes true treasures through imagistic expressions that wonderfully capture the very essence of life. Marvel at the magnificent connection of nature, love, and life, as well as all the sweetness in between, that fills these pages. As defined by the eye-opening poem Life to Death, the greatest experiences are those that we relish day after day. The illustrious diction in The Garden Room further depicts the attachment of one's heart and mind with the natural surroundings of our vast environment. The powerful Soulful Freedom travels with souls through their final journey and explores the meaning of life. The inspirational and loving poetry that is found in this collection is truly capable of melting hearts and filling souls with delight. Experience the captivating aura of Between the Lines and fall in love with the rhythms of life.
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