Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy

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Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy

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Destiny Love Jones is on a journey that doesn't want to end. She tries to complete it, time and again, but the difficulty about this particular journey is that she needs to find The One in order to cross the finish line of Happily Ever After. In this world of billions, where is he? This is the mystery that continues to alarm her, because ever since Destiny was a little girl and overheard her grandmother say that all women must get married before they're eternally damned, she developed an over-enthusiastic sense of urgency. With this mission the focus of her life, this quirky country girl now has to fight her way through the big city to find her soul mate before he's lost forever-all the while getting caught up in her own crazed predicaments and life's harsh realities. Humiliation-deception-betrayal-rejection-they all play a part in the voyage of this relentless warrior by the name of Destiny Love Jones. Driven by determination, will she overcome and finally find true love?
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