The Bad Driver's Handbook: A Guide to Being Bad

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The Bad Driver's Handbook: A Guide to Being Bad

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The Top Ten Ways to Identify BAD DRIVERS
10 There are birds, cats and motorcycle helmets stuck in their radiator grill.

9 The bullet holes in their trunk are patched with band aids.

8 They run thru red lights and Stop signs but stop for Bars.

7 They sneer and give the finger to Speed Limit signs.

6 Their WANTED posters are autographed.

5 They weave in and out of opposing traffic.

4 Their vehicle is held together with Bumper Stickers.

3 .They have gun racks on their dashboard, doors and steering wheel.

2 They are in front of you going too damn slow or behind you riding your bumper.

1 They are texting, eating, talking on their cell phone, watching tv and drinking
while driving.

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