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Reflections and Opinions of a Mental Health Professional

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"Reflection and opinion of a mental health professional is a collection of dynamic episodes that I have encountered during my 20 years working with the human mind. This literary work identified the impact of the devastation, which is inflicted to individuals suffering from mental illnesses and disorders. Sharing my insight, I have utilized poetry as the platform to discuss how mental illnesses can create havoc in every day life. My goal is to introduce the mental agony, suffering and distress in a less complex manner so people from different social backgrounds can relate. Poetry has a way of capturing ones interest, by deceitfully challenging their intellect to further examine the beauty of what was read. For the fearful that stray from reading about such dark, somber tales, I hope to enlighten them to reach within themselves and unveil any secrets that may be dormant or buried in the unconscious part of their mind. The Book is indeed about the product of my twenty years of practice as a Psychiatrist, including the three years I spent as a resident in the Howard University Hospital Psychiatry Residency Training Program. Twenty years that had an imprint and really marked me, as a human being and a physician, who has been blessed and honored by the privilege of working with the human mind.

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