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The Journey of "Old Fremont", a Revolutionary War Rifle

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The Journey of "Old Fremont", a Revolutionary War Rifle

Longueur: 140 pages1 heure


Martin Hammack, a farmer, a wagon train master, and Indian scout, from Lincoln County Missouri was seeking new adventure after hearing of the virgin lands and opportunity that California offered, from his son who had gone there during the gold rush of 1849. After the son returned home to Missouri in 1853, his father and the other family members decided all the family of seven, along with 18 other members would make up a 13 wagon train and return to California. Little did the family know of the adventure that would forever change their lives. They were seeking opportunity, new land, a promising furture, plus a new life in a fawaway place. Not only did they endure the hardships of wagon train travel, the harsh elements of the weather, desert heat, and mountains, but they also faced an unknown journey through lands of the Plains Indians which were sometimes hostile. For this, they hoped to receive the rich rewards of a new home and a better life. This is an account of their sussceesul six-month journey to Lake County, California, arriving in the winter of 1853, spending the winter in a Gold Mining camp then going to their final destination in the spring, arriving at their final destination in April 1854, one year from the date they left Missouri.

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