The White Chiffon Sari

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The White Chiffon Sari

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Spanning a range of locales, time periods, themes, and styles, no two stories here are alike. Told subtly and with empathy, the stories are multifaceted and multilayered and explore a wide range of subjects, such as the following:
The complex emotions of a growing-up boy as he observes a young womans bright life being blighted by her jealous sister.
Innocent children watch uncomprehendingly the misfortunes of a woman whom they love. She is an unintended victim of her feudal masters machinations.
The unconventional but abiding love of two girls for each other, with the witness to their lives having issues of her own.
Age, greed, and time ruining a once-beautiful house and its proud owner
The delusional aspirations of a woman and her bewildering inner world.
An ageing woman seeing herself and the life spent in the mirror of modernity and seeking change.
An endearing story of a child-bride of earlier times.
A young woman overcoming induced prejudices and rediscovering the preciousness of a once-spurned relationship.

The stories infuse newness into many enduring and vast themes, like relationships, prejudices, a judgmental society, of changing conventions, and in general, of life as it goes on.
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