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Plan B: Men in Relational Crises

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Plan B: Men in Relational Crises

Longueur: 83 pages1 heure


Plan B: A Guide for Men Facing Relational Crises gathers the experiencessometimes challengingof men who have confronted, endured, and emerged from times of great relational crisis in their lives. In particular, author Dellen Blackmon focuses on the upheaval that divorce causes in the lives of men, their spouses, and, most significantly, in the children whose families break apart.

The books chapters address an array of topics, including the responsibilities that come to a man who raises children as a single father, the challenges in navigating the legal system, preparations for making ones relational journey, and insights that can improve a mans understanding of women. Several of the chapters include a section headed, Relationship Checkpoint, giving the reader a series of questions to guide reflection on the topic at hand and to aid in applying insights to ones own life.

Plan B: A Guide for Men Facing Relational Crises recognizes the earthshaking impact of relational crises in the lives of men, their children, and others around them. As the author notes, There have been times in my life when I found myself at a crossroads. I wondered which road to take, and either through hastiness or emotional need, I took a wrong turn. Wrong decisions bring hard realities and consequences. The choices we make are not always optimal, but it is important to acknowledge our poor choices, learn from them, and move forward. Plan B stands ready to help you make such progress in your own life.
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