Abstract Rhythms of the Heart

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Abstract Rhythms of the Heart

Longueur: 230 pages1 heure


In this book of poetry the reader will find poems that will remind them of situations which are occurring in everyday life. The poems are of a more serious nature this time, but are still rhyming and flowing as they did in my first book, Abstract Rhythms of Life. Life is filled with happiness as well as turmoil and this book explores these issues. There are poems of courage, honor, hope, compassion and sacrifice. The poetic form is thought-provoking and makes the reader curious as to how the poem will end. The natural cadence is still there; rhythm in motion. This book also contains poems for those who have gone on before us and poems which have been written upon requestfingerprints of the soul, if you will. As with my previous book, a brief synopsis at the end of the book will give the reader a clue as to why I wrote each poem. The words within are a rare and special blend of poetry. My hope is that they will help some to endure and others to prevail. Take a leap of faith and peruse my book. Youll have no regrets. Enjoy!

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