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Sunny Rain-N-Snow: An Olio of Poetry for Pleasure

Sunny Rain-N-Snow: An Olio of Poetry for Pleasure

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Sunny Rain-N-Snow: An Olio of Poetry for Pleasure

144 pages
1 heure
Apr 30, 2016


A ROLLERCOASTER JOY RIDE Sunny Rain-n-Snow, the maiden collection of poetry by U Atreya Sarma, jolts you out of a dull reverie. Sunil Sharma
Atreya Sarma is a culturally rooted yet genuinely contemporary urban poetic voice. Pure and unveiled in quality most remarkable is his verbal felicity. Ambika Ananth
An exciting journey into the diversity of lifes experiences. Avril Meallem
Direct and frank the style in tandem with the subjects he explores; sometimes irreverent, sometimes playful, sometimes thoughtful and reflective and sometimes audacious. Charanjeet Kaur
His word power is immensely strong, trenchant and precise too. Elanaaga(Surendra Nagaraju)
Elegant in imagery the daily chores flesh out with economy and resonance. Gopal Lahiri
An outstanding work of poetry meticulously curated, encompassing the relativity of relationships and their earthly moments and manifestations. KiritiSengupta
He chooses his topics carefully and lavishes them with the attention they need, adroitly employing language that suits the setting. Sanjeev Sethi
A vibrant debut collection from a seasoned writer and critic showcasing experimental verse, linguistic play and nuances of Indian English. UshaKishore
Apr 30, 2016

À propos de l'auteur

U Atreya Sarma, from Hyderabad, has published about 700 pieces of writing – poetry, book-reviews, translations, articles, editorials, forewords. A core editor of museindia.com, and a freelancer for two decades, he has also been presenting contemporary poets in The Hans India (Sunday section). The books he (a) edited, (b) translated, or (c) collaborated on are: (a) Lung Care and Long Life; Memoirs & Musings of an IAS Officer; Turquoise Tulips; Prolegomena and Transformative Articles on Literary Translation; Gian Singh Shatir (a revised eponymous fictional autobiography, awaiting publication); (b) Salt of the Earth; Thousand Hoods (Ch 9-14)); (c) Marapuraani Maanikyaalu.

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Sunny Rain-N-Snow - U Atreya Sarma

Copyright © 2016 by U Atreya Sarma.

Front cover concept & Images: Author

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or by any information storage retrieval system without the written permission of the author except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

Because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, any web addresses or links contained in this book may have changed since publication and may no longer be valid. The views expressed in this work are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher, and the publisher hereby disclaims any responsibility for them.





These poets say…



1. A housewife’s lib

2. Crush and finish it!

3. WWW: Woman’s World of Woes

4. The dead mother blesses

Facets of Nature

5. Hills

6. Aesthetic to the bathetic

7. Cerulean cornucopia

8. Oh, Emperor of Seasons!

9. Terrace twilight

10. Cloud’s sibling

11. In the bosom of a breezy hill

12. Summer & Spring bid adieu


13. Iron maiden

14. Phantasmagoria

15. Vertigo

16. The mermaid

17. Nocturnal bliss


18. A different game of hearts

19. Bear hugs on the Bear Lake

20. Freeze this moment

21. My swan queen

22. Tons of blooms

23. Wow, what a white magic!

Musings on poesy

24. Cradle of Poesy

25. That my poetry is, too…

Relations & equations

26. Ah, what a friendship!

27. Made for each other

28. Faces of friendship

Romantic peeps

29. My dream girl

30. My simple song

31. Lip-lapping

32. Ouch, a forced bachelor!

33. Valentines

Reflectively yours

34. A riot of colours!

35. Baby relativity

36. Bull’s eye

37. Human orbits

38. Man… Powerful or powerless?

39. My tears for the underdog

40. Orectic oddities

41. Sin under the Sun

42. Tantrums of Nature

43. Truth – A casualty

44. Unpaid watchman

Social bristles

45. A tryst with the terrorist

46. Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!

47. Toast To The Terrorist [TTTT]

48. Your tender hand

49. Let’s succour our Nepali brethren


50. An exotic-n-quixotic affair

51. Femmes fatales

52. My atheist friend

53. Facebook escapades

54. What’s in a name, Ms Rosie?

Occasional voices

55. A cold volcano

56. Holi voice

57. Rakhi broadband: Verbal cartoons

58. Sun-Kranti

59. To my birthday baby

Metrical forays

60. Limericks

61. Swimming snare

62. The Caribbean Coolies: An enduring saga

63. The case of a chronic rake


Discovering fresh vistas of change; witnessing newer realms – that is the poetry of Atreya for you. Breathless. As the beauty unfolds within the pages, a journey starts. You rewind to a similar phenomenal experience underwent in Europe as a tourist.

After landing in Billund, Denmark, two years ago, a grand spectacle unfolded. The entire town was a stage adorned by nature. As we walked on the streets, the general view was spectacular! Such splendor – never seen. Nature served at her best. The changing colours and the woodlands – and the stunning view – lend a new perspective on life and its meaning.

Reading a book of poetry can be sometimes an identical experience, a shocking realization of realms beyond. As a landscape sings for you alone and alters your view of reality, similarly a book of poetry – a text containing the unseen in the seen – performs the same task for a serious reader interested in epistemologies of the universe and forms of cognition. Such a work talks – in an intimate voice. As a countryside converses with a hungry soul.

U Atreya Sarma’s debut collection Sunny Rain-n-Snow offers such a similarly fantastic view of things around – dusted and cleaned and bright – and acts as a door-opener on mystical realms. It is pure luck, if perchance you get to slowly immerse in a soon-to-be-launched book and gleefully feel lost within its wonderland, architecture, shifting tonal varieties and vistas majestic. It is like watching a Spielberg movie.

Sunny Rain-n-Snow is a gentle cruise along routes, old and new. Like every journey undertaken to a place known or obscure, visiting first time or second, a traveller comes to develop new insights and have a few of the new takeaways; you discover and gather fresh sensations and sensory impressions about old places and people, through an accomplished poet functioning as the senior guide. An anthology of 63 poems, the inner rhythms, the energetic lines, the sonorous word-play, the startling spectacles rolling out fast – the combo jolts you out of a dull reverie and makes you perceive the common things vividly, in a new light.

The gifted Atreya – admired for his scholarship, editing and translating skills, and writing prowess – proves his reputation as a poet of exceptional talent. Words flow like a river in spate; images pop up in quick succession; milieus keep on shifting with breathless speed and intensity and the entire book becomes a rollercoaster joy ride.

Sample this little gem, Hills

God turned

All hardness

Into hills.

Harder-hearted man


And began blasting them.

Such an economy! Such a fine grasp! The poet is able to sum up the degradation of nature so exquisitely here. It becomes an anthem for the greens.

Atreya’s style is lyrical, enchanting! English malleable and sweet! It yields to his expert hands and shapes up into verbal units of sheer delight – aural and visual.

Just a sample from Bear hugs on the Bear Lake, a poem celebrating love and romance of a recently-married couple –

On the bare Bear Lake he

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